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What if Attackers come Doctor's Dress up........... Be Alert!!!!!!

yesterday was very hectic for me…. when I caught by a virus in form of an  antivirus…..really it was a big deal for me  to come out  from  this problem as it restrict to use all other programs like system restore, any other antivirus, internet connection and all .
The day before yesterday my dad installed a sw named Personal Security. And he was very happy to find such software which detected all viruses very efficiently. But only one problem was there that it was not a registered version and to delete all the detected viruses one has to buy the activation key of this software.
I was also very happy with all this and happily I thought to check for activation key of this sw on internet. But as I opened the very first resulted site I got shocked :O ….. Yeah exactly like this.
What I found written on web page which shocked me??????
“Personal security is not an antivirus it’s a Virus also known as a fake antivirus program. Personal Security will tell the user that their computer is infected and will use tactics to convince the user to purchase it. It will also use other tactics, such as the use of pop ups to warn the user and it don’t uninstall by add and remove program.
On the very next moment I just tried to uninstall this software but I can’t…… I tried many other procedures to manually delete a sw or to restore the system. But the virus has disabled all these. But even not these only but all the icons on deck top and in start menu also. Finally I come out with this problem that I will tell u later. Before this I will tell you about many other types of software which are really virus in form of antivirus……

How to remove these Viruses:-
1.   Open window in safe mode.
2.   Install the antivirus Malware bytes' Anti-Malware.
3.    Update this software and then scan your system.
4.   If you can not update in safe mode then first scan your system and then Del a folder named Pers Security exists in program files folder of c: now restart your computer and update your antivirus now and remove the remaining files.

That does all……be happy now…you are out of problem.
But for next time promise with urself that you will never install any sw like this….same as my dad did… ;)

Be safeJ

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Written by:Surbhi

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4 comments for this post

  1. I've a problem with my monitor. It's menu blink up whenever it is on as well as during program running. pl give sol.

  2. hi indranil....

    plz tell problem in detail.....
    which menu blinks..... and if ant msg comes then write it also.....

  3. me 2 was hacked.i downloaded Quick Heal antivirus n when i launched it it changed all my settings....................was horrible.took whole day to restore it back

  4. hmmm... Quick heal is not bad, but it may be that from where u hv downloaded it, the hackers binded any virus with it, that get installed automatically...
    so always download files from the reputed sites :)
    or always check file from before installing it.... check these posts also...

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