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Easily make your Windows XP Genuine for free

Windows Genuine Notifications is a problem that every computer operator faces in her life. It notifies you if a copy of Windows XP is not genuine. The notification messages only appear on computers that have failed the WGA validation process and that are running a copy of Windows XP that is not genuine. If you are running a validated, genuine copy of Windows XP, you will not receive notification messages.

Here i am going to tell you a process by which you can make your Windows XP genuine for free.

Windows Genuine maker

Here are some steps:-
1) Go to start > run and type “regedit” without quotes.

2) Registry window will be opened, Then Go to
3) and double click on OOBETimer and change some of the value data to ANYTHING ELSE…delete some, add some letters, don’t care…just change it!
for eg: here in place of 71, i wrote 65

now close out regedit.
4) Go to start > run > “%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a” (again, dont type quotes)
5) the activation screen will come up
5.1) Choose second option (yes, I want to telephone…..)
5.2) click on ‘CHANGE PRODUCT KEY’
5.3) enter in this key: JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ and click on ‘Update’
Now you can download any software without fearing from Windows Genuine Notifications. Your Window will pass the Windows Genuine Test.

Enjoy Computing J
By- Surbhi

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23 comments for this post

  1. Hey I followed the whole procedure above but i still receiving WGA notifications..
    What to do???

  2. hey this key works for windows XP 2 perfectely........

    could u tell me which version u r using of XP...

    any way u can try this key also
    it works for both XP sp2 n 3

  3. after clicking on update the previous window again reappears what to do then?? close it or?
    didn't work though

  4. will this format the system

  5. @H.S.Sahu
    No, it will not format ur system.... it will just change the key into genuine one, and make your windows geniine.

  6. after giving the product it just simply came back on my previous page..........

  7. @Arka....
    Simply close that page.....
    ur window is genuine now.... :)

  8. is this work for windows7 ultimate.... plz reply
    if not....plz give suggestion my windows7 ultimate has

  9. @Above This key is for windows XP sp2 only...

  10. when i do step 4 ,
    error show window can't find filesystemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
    what i do plz

  11. @Above
    u r missing %sign before systemroot....
    Try this:

    %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a

  12. It,s best. Thank you very much.

  13. Thanks Vishal, for responding here :)

  14. instead doing all this..jus install a freeware software "keyfinder" and replace one genuine key with ur XP key..

  15. @Kamesh...of course there r many ways to perform any particular task... and i dont prefer to use software if i can do anything without them....

  16. Hi,I have followed the above mentioned steps and I don't know whether it works or not and can I open window update automatically?

  17. Hi,Surbhi I did exactly what you instructed.I have a question -do you recommend auto update of windows xp? I tried once but it shows that its not s window genuine software and its unique not for your region and your computer might be at risk.What do you suggest me to do? Should I disable auto update of the windows XP?


  18. m using windows 7 profession
    but not workin
    am not getting \WPAEvents
    whr it is.
    what can i do ?
    plzz tell me urgent
    i want solution
    plzz mail me

  19. I'm trying let's see

  20. hide my ip ki key mil skti hai.

  21. you down baby. It's not working. My windows could not pass windows genuine test. again u down baby.

  22. i have xp original cd but i forgot the key so can u provide tne key (service pack 3 ) version 2002 part no . x14-72249

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