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Detect Who is Invisible On Yahoo

Friends, If your Friend remain invible from you.... and say that they dont come online...... 
Then they have to fear now coz there is a  way by which u can find that they are online or not.......  Now no need to ask from your friend that they came online or not.......

There r many sites which proclaims that they can track invisible user on yahoo...... But according to my personal experiance, they give wrong result many times.....
but i found this site which gives right result always...... just type the yahoo mail id of the person u want to track and got the result.......

So be aware next time if u lie wid anybody...... coz may be some1 is traking u......

Update: 26/8/2010
The upper mentioned link is not working now.... here are another links

Update: 19/7/2011
All above links are not working now. 

Update: 25/7/2011
Here is a new working link...

Happy Chatting☺

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Written by:Surbhi

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  1. Do they take advantage of a bug to know who is and isn't on line. 'cause this looks like a violation of privacy...

    see ya

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