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Hack administrator account

Login as administrator

Administrator password can be changed easily without knowing its password. Thing needed is just access to that computer you want to hack from any user account

follow some easy steps....

1. open start<run and type cmd
2. in command prompt write net user......... it will give u details about the users of that system. you will find administrator name here.

here 2 shows the administrator username...... and you can see here i m login from the guest account.....

3. write again on command prompt net user [Administrator's Username] *
now  it will ask for new password without asking the current one....


  • you have to write Administrator's Username without using  brackets [ and 
  • Also here is space between  Administrator's Username and *

4. now just type the password and press enter(Remember the password will not be visible due to security purpose)..... now press enter...then it will ask for retype password.... and again type the new password and press enter....... now cheers..... u hacked the system☺

Note: If it not work from guest account then boot through safe mode and login by simply write Administrator in username and leave blank the password field.
then follow the steps mentioned above.

Tested on: Windows XP

Windows7 or vista users can see another method here.

Enjoy Computing☺
by- Surbhi

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7 comments for this post

  1. hi surbhi..
    this is really nice work..but i have tried it many times only works only wen we login from administrator account..its doesn't work from guest account or limited account..

  2. for solution check here...

  3. The above trick is useless when there is a blank space between username.........Try it!!!

  4. @Above.... there i hv not mentioned any space in username... u should check carefully!!!!
    And all the tricks given here are tested successfully before posting.

  5. I know the tricks work........I am giving you the solution(to prevent it)........Add space between username e.g. "abc xyz" then the above trick will not work.

  6. What if Administrator a/c have password for safe mode

  7. it doesnt work on window 7

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