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Access Your All Mail Accounts from One Gmail Account

Many people like me have many Mail accounts on Yahoo, Gamil, Rediff, Hotmail etc. Checking for a mail in all those accounts is very time consuming by login many times in a day into all the accounts.

Here is a better option for you that gmail provides..... a facility to merge your all Mail accounts into one.

This has many gud features>

1. We can access and read all incoming mails of different- different accounts into our one gmail account.
2. We can also send mail from any of our account without login into them.
3. It also provide us facility to import contacts from another mail accounts.
4. Lable all the incoming mail with the address of your account to which that mail was sent. Means we can easily know which mail come on which account.
5. Fetch mails after every 1 hour

So only login into one gmail account and check all your mail accounts...☺

Here is a screenshot of my Gmail account......In this i have merged 2 more mail and another gmail account.....

Here 1. Shows my 1st gmail account in which i hv merged another mail accounts.
2. shows merged yahoo account.
3. shows merged another gmail account.
4. shows> i m checking my yahoo mail account when i took this screenshot.
5. shows all msg with lable "yahoo mail Id"

just click on the lable given in left side(same as we check trash or spam) to check any account....

Now How to merge All Accounts into One Gmail>

1. Go to settings> Accounts and Import Tab
2.Find check mail using Pop3..... and click on add pop3 mail account.
3.Then a window will open aksing for your Mail id that you want to access here, password, lable incoming msg etc.
fill all required fields according to your choice and Click on add Account.

hurrreee!!!!You have done....... ☺

4. If you want to Import Contact too from any Account then....Same in settings>Accounts and Import tab> Find Import mail and contacts.....

5. For enable reply from the same Account you got email on which, choose radio button on Reply from the same address the message was sent to... in Same settings>Accounts and Import tab> Send mail as

6.  Gmail Fetch mails From other Accounts after every 1 hr. but you can Refresh Inbox manually also when you want...
   To manually Fetch mails> 
Settings>Accounts and Import tab> Import mail and contacts> Check Mail Now

by- Surbhi

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