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Make ur own proxy server and Access blocked sites from School/ Clg/ Ofc

Hello Friends,

Most schools, Colleges and Offices enable a firewall to restrict you from visiting some websites, images or other material. Mostly what people do to use the blocked sites.....they search for any proxy server to open those sites.... This is gud way....

But wat if ur schools, Colleges and Offices Block those proxy server also???? I know u will search 4 another one....

But how it would be if u make ur own proxy server to access any site from any where....... Interesting na....

Yes, U can make ur own Proxy Server just in 10 Min....

Link of  Proxy server made by me:

Follow These Steps to make your Own Proxy Server...

1. Download the following softwares and install it 
Download Python
Download Google App Engine SDK for Python
Download Proxy server Files 

2. Go to and sign-in using your Google Account. Click on “Create an Application” button, select Country and insert ur mobile no. Google will send a verification code via SMS to your mobile phone number. Type the code and Press send. 

3. After Verification, type any proxy server name in Application Identifier and Application Title.... as shown below

4.Now Start the Google App Engine Launcher > Edit > Preferences and Fill details as Shown

5. Now Go to File > Add existing Application  and in application path give path of Folder Proxy... that was downloaded in step 1..... and click ADD.
Note: The Proxy files are zipped.... Extract them to same folder before browsing here.

6. Now Press Edit as shown above.... and replace “d-accord-proxyserver” with the ID (sub-domain) that you reserved in Step 3

7. Now Press Deploy.... wait for 2 minutes..... and your online proxy server is now ready for use.

Now You can Access Any site from any where Using your own proxy server.....


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  1. i have done all these steps but now what how to opeb that proxy server

  2. Great share..,
    Like you mentioned to collect voice messages, is there any way to collect SMS.., anonymously??

    Awaiting your response...

  3. Download Google App Engine SDK for Python at this link it show 404 error. Please help me.

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