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Trace email Sender's IP

It Seems like, Gmail has read my this post 
 so it changed its settings and become more secure ;) In short, this trick is now not working for gmail.....

Hello Friends,

Before some days someone was asking here, "can u tell me how to trace Sender's IP through mail".......
By which i got an idea to write about it here, So that you all who want to know how to trace an Email Sender's IP, can know about it.

Well, here are the steps:
1. Open full email header of incoming mail
2. After opening full email header, press Ctrl +F to find "Received: from [" .(Don't forget to write Square bracket "[" )
3. The IP written after "Received: from [" is the ip of sender.

(Note: Some Mails dont contain original IP of sender for security purpose like Gmail. In these type of incoming mails you will not find "Received: from [" in header.)

Here are steps for those who don't know how to view the full header:

1. Open any mail, you want to trace
2. Click on the arrow beside the "Reply" button on the upper right side of the email.

 3. Click on "Show original"

1.Log-in to your Yahoo mail account and open any mail you want to trace.
2.Go to "Action" button on the upper right side of the email.

How to find location of an IP:
1. Go to this site to find ip.
(This site gives mostly appropriate results but not always)

by- Surbhi

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  1. how can save PC from virous by usb flash drive without any delete any data?
    how can check virous without open pen drive and remove it

  2. @Jitender.... soon i will write a post to tell you and all about how to protect PC frm viruses through usb.

    And its my humble request to ALL.... plz write your queries in discussion board...

    here is link 4 discussion board

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