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Trick to hide Orkut profile name and Display Picture

Hello Friends,

You have seen many profile on orkut without name or display picture.... I am gonna tell you the trick so that you can also hide or name and dp and can be anonymouse ;)

1) Trick to hide your Display picture:
step 1: Go to and login from your orkut account.

step 2: Download this image Download
step 3: Now click on 'change picture' and upload this image in only.

yeah, you hav done.... go to and login and check your dp now.....

2) Trick to hide your Profile Name:
step 1: login from orkut and go to profile edit.
step 2: copy this box and paste it in first and last name.....    ᠌
step 3: now update profile.... and its done ;)

Note: As this trick is now public, don’t expect it to be working forever. Just be quick and achieve glory.

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  1. @Above.... this is a very older post... and things are changed after that on orkut.

  2. @Niles Kamble

    Copy Wat Is Der In The Braket

    But Dont Copy The Bracket and remove you name cheers you name will be invisible

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