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Download Videos From Any Site!!!!!!

In this Tutorial i m giving detail description about a firefox Addon Flash and video Download about which i have also told in my last post.....

Using this Addon you can download any video from any site..... I have check it out for many sites.... and it worked for all :)

how to use this Addon:

1. First of all, download this addon and install it in Firefox...... and restart firefox

After installing the addon an icon will be appear in most bottom right corner of firefox..... like this:

2. Now open any video which you want to download using any site like: Youtube, Metacafe, Daily motion... etc. etc.

3. Once the Video start Playing, you will see the download link of that video in the icon of this Addon.
Just click on the proper file, and save it on right location, the video will be start downloading :)

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Written by:Surbhi

Surbhi is Founder of Follow her on Twitter or email her

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11 comments for this post

  1. Hi surbhi,
    i had read your post:Download Videos From Any Site!!!!!! and also follwed that steps. but that steps works only on YouTube videos because i could not download videos from this link.

    on this site, i had make new user id to according it. but on this site i could only see that video and could not download it.

    So please suggest me How can i download videos from this site?


    Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava
    ur orkut friend

  2. Hi pankaj,

    check here for answer

  3. Hi surbhi,

    many thx for reply me.
    now i can download the videos from that site with the help of your trick.
    really ur so genious!!everything is possible in the computer field.

    thx again...

    Pankaj kumar Shrivastava

  4. Hi Surbhi,
    Thx again, for answering me of my query. actually I want to download Audio Song also for that Site but ur trick is not working for downloading the audio song,its working only for videos,

    So can you please suggest me, hw can i download the audio song from this site.

    Many thx,

    Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava
    ur Orkut friend

  5. pls solve my problem that i asked yesterday !!

  6. Hey pankajgwalior,

    the trick i hv told u should also work with audio songs.....
    if not...then i will try try for any onthr trick....
    and soon will give you solution :=)

  7. Hi Surbhi,
    i hv found the solution for downloading the video & audio song for that site.
    its very easy.

    I just downloaded "Internet download manager"software then when I opened that site where I saw the link for download and even can also download utube videos without any Ad-Ons.
    you can download that software from this link:

    You also Helped me a lot, thank you so much for it. please public this info on your website.


  8. thx pankaj 4 d information... i'll surely make it public ASAP :)
    Thanks again :)

  9. hi when I download the video it downloaded into .swf file and I am not able to play this video.

  10. hey that .swf file is not video, u r downloading incorrect file..... try to find correct file and then download :)

  11. Hey did you check this with

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