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How to hack any account by phishing attack: step by step Guide

Many people ask me daily "please tell me how to hack any email id".
After reading this tutorial all of you will know how to hack an email account using phishing attack.

Note: Hacking is a crime. Dont use ur knowledge for hacking purpose. I am teaching it for educational purpose only.Don't misuse this information. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

Step by step Procedure:

1. First of all you will require Fake login Page of any web account you want to hack. For eg: If you want to hack yahoo account then you will need a yahoo fake login page.
Here i m providing you some built Fake login page. In my further posts i will teach you how to create fake login page.
Download Phishing pages
Note: These phishing pages are hided behind an image. so see my post to know how to get these pages from that image file.

2. Now see, each Fake login page has 2 filees..... one is index.html and another one is login.php. you have to upload it on any free hosting site. I am recommend you For this Go to and sign up for a free host account.

Note: is now not available for free, you can create account on .To know how to create account there, check post "How to create a FREE webhosting Account"

3. After creating account go to control pannel and upload both the files there.

4. Now send the link of your this fake site to your victim. as soon as they login, A file named log.txt will store in your with passwords of your victim. And the fake login page will redirect to real yahoo login page...which will say your victim to verify password... So your victim if not aware by phishing then could know know about this HACK!!!!

Hurray..... you hacked An Account!!!!!

Watch This Tutorial:

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19 comments for this post

  1. surbhi, any other website is there to do this ?

  2. Here are other free hosting site:

  3. hey surbhi i am not able to upload mail.php file of hack on plz tell me why iam not able to upload that file while the index file is uploaded easily

  4. @Above...
    Dear.. Now a days scans uploading files for phishers or any virus, so its not posible to upload phishing file on

    But there are many others sites on which u can upload, those are given in previous answer.

  5. Thanks AweSome...

  6. hello surbhi !
    i have tried this method for gmail and yahoo by using the files (index.html and login.php) created by you for gmail and yahoo,but when i enter the email id and password and then submit browser shows following message-

    Method Not Allowed
    The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /login.php.

    Apache/1.3.39 Server at Port 80


  7. hello surbhi!
    i have tried this for gmail and yahoo by using the files made by you ( index.html and login.php for both gmail and yahoo)but when i enter the email id and password and then press submit browser shows following message

    Method Not Allowed

    The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /login.php.
    Apache/1.3.39 Server at Port 80

    please help me

  8. @Vivek..... this happens when ur hosting server does not support php. Try it on any other hosting site which support php.

  9. how to create php files...plz help me

  10. hello surbhi! when i send link to the one member from
    it is working but the same link i send to 3 members its giving the log.txt file but it is empty

    please help me please..............

  11. @Shake... if u have completed all steps correctly, then u will definitely not get a blank txt file... plz check all things again n follow d procedure carefully....

  12. i have done everything dat has been written by you. but no .txt file is appearing.

  13. Surbhi, your download link for the phishers, downloads as "sush" and is a picture not a file help?

  14. hey how to up load the file on
    and how can i send the file to victum
    can u plz tell me

  15. Dear surabi, i uploaded everything. my url is "". BUt it is not working. when i type this url in the address bar it again goes back to the sign up page of webhosting. please reply ur answer to my email.""
    Thanks in advance.... waiting for ur reply genius.

  16. Its already been arround 6 months that have stopped giving free domains!!!!
    You would want to change that now :)

  17. Hi Udip,
    Thank you for the update, but its not possible for me to keep updated old posts, or to tell the step by step procedure for all hosting sites. The aim is to give the idea how one has to do the things, and i hope its fulfilling that :)

  18. Pls,where will i get the index and the other to upload? Thier locations

  19. hi........ surbhi how r u dear..........yaar nice all technics............

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