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How to insert any picture in background of any Drive including USB/ Flash Drive

Hello Guys,

Here is the step by step procedure to Apply an image as background of any drive say C:, D:........

Step 1: Open notepad and write these lines:

1. Type in the exact line below : 

2.Specify the picture : Now, in the next line we will specify the picture that we want to use as the background.... For that replace the path after '=' in following line with the path of the image you want to apply....

iconarea_image=C:\Documents and Settings\ach042\Desktop\DAccord\changepaper\background.bmp

3. Specify the icon label color: In the next line we will specify the icon label color or you can say the color of icon label's  text.


Most used colors code are:

  • Black - 0x00000000
  • White - 0x00FFFFFF
  • Green - 0x0000FF00
  • Blue - 0x00FF0000
  • Purple - 0x00C000C0
  • Red - 0x000000FF
  • Yellow - 0x0000FFFF
  • Indigo - 0x00FFFF00

so the final code will like like this

Step 2: Now save the notepad file with name desktop.ini in any drive. 

Now just reopen the drive :)

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8 comments for this post

  1. surbhi how to get .... pic's path ... right clearly ..

  2. @Mayank.... to find any files path....
    right click on that file> properties> find location written there ingeneral tab.....

    copy that location.... give ur file name after that.... seperated by \....

    hope u will understand....well thx 4 query and visiting here....

  3. does it works fo vista..

  4. @Above i dont hv cant say if it works or not on vista....
    why dont you try it by self... its very simple....also u will got the answer of ur question.... ;)

  5. to make background picture in folder..........

  6. surbi g. muje path samaj ni aaya. meri pic D:\image me lucky name se hai. so iska path kaise kya hoga. pls tell me

  7. This is lovely just keep it up....

    i made a little tricks out of it....beacuse if you use another system.. the image will not show.. but you can save the picture in youy flash.. it more tricks .. see example


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