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1 week, 2 XSS attacks on 2 Famous Social Networking Site

In This week 2 social networking websites are attacked by Cross-Site-Scripting attack . On Tuesday morning The popular microblogging website Twitter was hit with a XSS attack and on today(saturday) morning , the another Famous social networking site owned by Google was attacked by a XSS attack. The both warm problems are now patched.

What was XSS Attack on Twitter(21 september):-

The XSS Attack on twitter was a 'Mouse Over' XSS Attack, in which if a user did mouseover a link, It redirected on any other site out of twitter. Though this virus was not such harmfull, as it only redirected the infected user to a site based on Japan, but it was not good for younger users as the content on redirected site was inappropriate for them. But redirect could be harmfull as it could send users to phishing sites, or other mischievous site which deliver malware.
This XSS Attack was patched by twitter on the same day on which it was attacked.

What was XSS Attack on Orkut(25 september):-

The XSS attack on Orkut was much more harmfull than the attack on twitter. Orkut was attacked by 'Bom Sabado' worm, which automatically ran javascripts on users profile, which caused adding some mischievous communitites, scraping javascript to friends and stealing cookies from the user's browsers. Expert suggested the infected users to delete their cookies  and change their passwords. Well now this problem is temporarily fixed but be careful for future.

All readers are most welcomed to share their experience with these kind of Viruses attacks!!!

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