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Add Face recognition Login feature in your Computer

Hello Friends,

While logging into our computer every time we have to fill user name and password. It become really very boring when we have to do log on many times in a day.
But if you have a webcam then Logging into Windows has never been such easier! Simply look at your PC and you’ll be logged into your account in just some seconds :)

There are many Software available  on internet which comes which with Face Recognition technology and allows you to login into your system using Face Recognition. Just look at ur webcam at logon, and these softwares will trace your face and will match it will with your face that was saved previously. 

Login through Face Reignition is useful because

  • It makes easy login into system.
  • Enhance your system security as it will do login with a correct face only.

Some Softwares that you can use for Face Recognition:

1. Luxand Blink-
Supported OS- Windows Vista and Windows 7 
How to use this software- check here
Download this software- Download Now
License: Freeware

2.  Face LogOn-Supported OS- windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 

How to use this software- check here

Download this software- Download Now
License: Shareware $19.00, 30 days Free trial

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  1. keep it up doing nice job............ :-)

  2. cool .. but i had tht already!!! hehe

  3. Even if we click on the download link the .pdf User Guide is downloaded...
    I guess that needs to be fixed..
    Neway really useful articles!!!
    Thank You!!!

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