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Do Fun With More than 80 photo editing sites

Amazing Photo Effects

An online Photo Editor with more than hundred photo effects where you can upload your pics and get an amazing pic in less then 1 minute :)


Make over urself, pick hairstyle of Famous Actresses and apply in ur pic. Its really amazing, specially for girls ;)

Apply shapes on images and Many other effects

Here you can swap bodies with famous people or a person in a funny scene. Each template is basically an image of somebody where you can put your face on their body. Simply upload a digital photo, choose a scenario & stick your face in the holes!

Create Photo Albums

Mirrorize ur pic

Year BookUrself

Create Pencil sketch from ur pic

Create calender with ur pic

Cartoon urself

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  1. this is really fun

  2. it's really gr8... thnx a lot....

  3. thanks you are doing great job keep it going

  4. Now thats some real good information..

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