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Problem: Cursor jumps automatically while typing [solved]

Has anyone else experienced this? You're typing and suddenly the cursor jumps to another position, usually a few lines above and all of a sudden you're typing in between lines you've already written. And finally the matter becomes sumthing else other than what you were typing actually.

Last week i  purchased a new laptop, and i was facing the same problem. finally i googled about this problem and got that not only me but many others are also queried about the same problem in many forums and got different different view on different different forums, like this problem may be due to virus, sum idiot settings on ur system, a ghost in ur laptop ;) , buggy drivers etc. etc.

Finally i found somewhere written "Could be that the palm of your hand is touching the touch pad as you type. Try covering the touchpad with something like a credit card and see if it helps."
and i did the same, and found that yes, now everything is fine...:)  So finally i searched on web for any kind of software or solution by that my touchpad can be freeze automatically while i type. Then i got a software named TouchFreeze, which  automatically disables touchpad while typing text. I tried this software and now everything is fine on my laptop :)

If you are facing same problem, then give a try to this software :)
You can download Touchfreeze from here.....

In description at google code it says that it works for Windows NT/2000/XP but i have windows 7 on my new laptop and it worked prefectly for that also :)

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