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Trick to bypass gmail Mobile verification while creating new account

These days when anyone try to create new account on gmail, it says you to enter your mobile no. and then it verify your no. by sending a code on ur mobile.
This thing creates difficulties for those who does not have any mobile or want to create more then one account on gmail.

Well, today i am gonna tell you all a trick by that you can create new account on gmail without giving your personal no. to gmail :)

Follow these steps :
1. First of all go to and sign up there.
This is a site where you can receive fax or voice calls without having a phone no. When you create an account on this site, it will provide you an unique phone no. of US.

2. Now go for creating account on gmail, enter all the information as you want, but in Location fill 'United States'.

3. Now click on 'I accept, create an account'.

4. Now it will take you to mobile verification page. Here select the option of Voice call and fill the no. that you got from

5. Now you will get a mail having verification code as voice mail on that account from which you have registered on Open it, download the attachment file and listen the code.

6. Now enter the code of your voice mail in verification code. and click OK. 

7. Yuppiiee, your account is ready now :)

NOTE: this trick is no more working!!!

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6 comments for this post

  1. wowwwwwwwwwww suppperrrrrrrrrrrbbbbb...............!!

  2. i did exactly what u said...but after clicking on create my says..The page you requested is invalid.

  3. block new user signup

  4. k7 is not accepting any new users

    another method is try to open

    create a valid account it select country U.S it will ask postal code of U.S seartch google and give the postal code

    after that it will generate ph num

    give the ph num when gmail ask for verification and select country us and ur done

    surbhi please reply my comment if it forks for u happy hacking!!!!

  5. Ringshuffle was the best option, until they disappeared from the app store. has the right idea, unfortunately, by the time you hear the voicemail, you only get the last 3 digits of the verification code.
    I am about to try Will write an update shortly on how that goes.

  6. worked fantastically!

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