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Find out who sold your email-id to Spammer

Are you fed up of getting spam  mails? Have you ever think how the spammers got your mail id? Who sold your mail id to them?
Well, there are many  ways by a spammer can get your mail id for example if you have left your mail id in any forum or website, or if you sign up on any website and they don't keep your mail id confidential etc.  In these 2 examples, of course you know better where you wrote ur mail  id ever, but what in second you will know that 'this or that' website sold your mail id to spammers? Well here is a trick for that.

Each time when you sign up on a website, then add the addressing tag with your mail id. Addressing tag is something that used to filter mails. This can be add with any mail id using the symbol '+', which is ignored while sending a mail to that address. 
For example: if you have mail id then you can also write 

So if you are doing sign up on any website say then you can write your mail address as
By doing that if you ever got spam and your mail id in that mail is, then you can easily know that they sold your mail id to spammers.

Note: Many websites dont allow you to use + symbol in mail ids, so you try to use another separators like  hyphen(-) or equals(=) .

Update 31/1/2012: Gmail is no more accepting separators hyphen(-) or equals(=). But still you can use plus(+).

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