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Express Urself by Animated Smiles / animated pics in Google plus

Trick to Use Animated Smiles in Facebook Status

Google plus has come up with all very useful and exciting features. Here you can express your views, ur feelings, using animated smiles also. Of course these features are not new for orkut users, but definitely new and exciting for facebook users.

Here you can share animated smiles and animated pics also in Google plus... Not only this, even sharing is very easy just by using drag and drop, or just paste the link of animated smile in stream...

How you can share animated Smiles in Google plus:
there are 2 ways mainly:
1. By drag and drop:

  • Go to the following page, Animated Smiles, pick any animated smiles, drag it and drop it in steam text area of Google plus... and share it...

2. Sharing by link:

  • Go to the following page, Animated Smiles, right click any animated smile which you want to share, then, right click > copy image url > paste it in steam text area of Google plus... and share it...

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