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Features of Google+ : How Google+ can takes over Facebook

Last week Google has launched beta version of its Social Networking site 'Google +'. Right now it is under testing and has a strictly controlled number of users. Google introduced an invitation feature last week, but just after a few hours they had to removed it  because its  large no. of demands caused temporarily exceeding capacity. But Don't worry, it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone.

Google+ url:

Well, I have become the lucky one to get early access on Google + yesterday, So here i am describing its features to give you a feel of Google+.

Mainly Google+ is a combination of best features of Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Orkut and Skype. According to some Internet Predictions, Google + is the first who will take over Facebook in near future. Ok, let me  tell you some features from my view that can make google + take over facebook.

Features of Google+
  • HangOuts : 
    • The best feature in  Google+ is Hangouts, a feature that is taken from skype.Using this you can do video chatting  in group, it currently supports up to ten participants and the conversation is kept under control by a neat "push to talk" button that needs to be held down while speaking.. 
    • The main screen can be switched to any one user by moving the mouse cursor over one of the thumbnails. 
    • The hangout chat integrates with Google Translate and can translate text real-time.
    • You and your group can even watch a YouTube video together, while seeing other's reactions while watching, or clicking the talk button to interrupt the video's sound track with a witty remark.
Check Out this vedeo to know How this feature works:

  • Easy Video Sharing:
    • Video Sharing is now very easy in Google+, Just drag and drop the video from Computer to Google+.
    • Sharing Youtube's Videos are also easy, you can search any video on youtube directly from Google+ and can share it.
    • If you have a Youtube channel on the same account you have signed up for Google+ then, you can easily watch and share your channels videos directly from there.

  • Easy Photos uploading:
    • Same as Picasa, you can upload pics on Google+ just by dragging and dropping from your computer.
    • Another best feature of Google+ is 'Instant Upload photos from Android Mobile', now you dont have need to think about  uploading on web, Just clicks the photos as much as you  want, it will Automatically store in a private album on your Google+ profile, that you can share later with your friends.
Watch This Video to know more about Instant Photo Upload

  • Circles:
    •  By this feature you can manage your friends and contacts.
    • Privacy Settings: Another best Feature of Google+ is taken from Orkut that i strongly miss in Facebook. You can make groups of your contacts, for ex. family, friends, work etc. Using this feature you dont have to think that your Boss is watching you as you can share different things with different people. So sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself - just like real life.
    • I can list one feature also, probably taken from twitter. Like Twitter, you can add someone in your circle, for that you dont have need to send any frnd request for that. By this  feature you can see Publicly shared posts by that person, like in twitter we can see tweets of the person to whom we are following.
Video About Circle:

  • Huddle: 
    • This feature is like a Group messaging. Huddle lets you turn multiple conversations into one simple group chat. If you are planning something in group, then you all dont have need to be there on a particular time.
  • Post editing feature:
    • Another Good feature i consider is post editing feature, you can edit your post/ status after submitting. Not like Facebook in which you cant edit your previously written status.
  • Backup all your data:
    • Using this feature you can back up all your data from Google+, like your photos,  videos, conversations, contacts, Stream Data(its same as Facebook's News feed)
  • Streams: 
    • There is also one more feature on Google+ that care about your interests. But i think i need to know more about this feature before writing anything about it.

So what you think now? can Google+ takes over Facebook? leave your comment here.

Enjoy a new start with a new Social Networking Site Google+.

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