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Manually virus removal from 'System Volume information'

In response to the Query Asked By Deepak

In Windows,  System Volume Information is a system folder, to keep track of the changes took placed on a partition in a fix time period. This folder exists in every partition on your HDD. By default this folder is hidden, but you can see it by showing the hidden and system files and folders.The information stored in these folders helps Windows to revert to an earlier state, when you use the System Restore tool.

But sometimes, some malware files get in the System Volume Information folder. This can happens by any of following reasons:

  1.  the malware wants to get there so that user doesn't have access to delete it and from where it can restore itself, 
  2. or some malware file gets deleted and Windows decides that the file was important and it automatically stores it there, in case you ever want it back.
Well, you can easily clean malware infection from this folder by using the following simple steps:

  • Right click on My Computer, then go to Properties
  • Now in Windows XP:  Go to System Restore tab, enable the option Disable System Restore on all drives and click Apply. This should erase all System Restore Points, including the infected file(s).
  • In Windows 7: Go to System Protection > then under protection settings choose hard drive that have malware and click Configure > Turn off system Protection > ok
  • After this, again enable the system Restore option and press Apply again, so that you'll re-enable System Restore.

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