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Trick to send mass messages on Facebook

How to send messages to all guests in Facebook events... Facebook Trick

On Facebook sometimes people need to send any information or messages in bulk,like many time when anyone organize any event and change the place or timing etc., then they need to inform all guests, and if you  do it by message sending feature available on Facebook then you can add only 20 people at most at a time, which is also very annoying and time consuming.

Now i am gonna tell about a very simple trick, by which you can send messages to hundreds of thousands of people just in one time.

This trick uses the event invitation feature, though some times before you can free to send mass messages to all guests, but sometimes before facebook has changed some settings and now you can only send updates (not inbox message) that shows to the guest under 'updates' section of 'messages'.. about which people dont get any notification and  they dont look at it generally.

So here is a  trick  by which u can send your messages in inbox to all guests :)

Follow the process to send bulk messages on Facebook :

1. Create a Facebook Event

2. Invite Hundreds of thousands of guests.

3. Now for sending message to all guests, login into mobile version of facebook through link

4. Now go to More> Events as shown in image

5. Now open event  you created and go down, Now under section 'send message to' choose 'all' if u want to send message to all guests, or you can choose any one from 'Attending / may be attending / not attending'.
and compose your message and  send it.

Now  your all guests will receive your message in their inbox with message notification at their FB home page :)


Written by:Surbhi

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