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Multiple User profile in Chrome16: Separate Private browser for everyone in family

Recently google has released a new version of chrome into its chrome beta series. Chrome 16, has come up with a very useful  feature of multiple user profiles.

What is this feature? How it is useful?
Well, this new feature allows you to open multiple chrome windows with a different user profile.
It can beneficial in the case if a friend wants to use your system, but you dont want to sign out from your own opened sites or you dont want to let him know about your previous search history, your bookmarks, your passwords etc.
If many persons in a family use a single computer, then this feature let them manage their bookmarks, applications/extensions etc.

How to set up multiple user profiles in Chrome:
1. First, you need chrome 16.
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2. Now install it through the downloaded setup file, If the installation give any error in end, then first uninstall your previous chrome and then install chrome 16.
2. Now open chrome browser, and click on wrench icon Wrench in most right of browser window > options > personal Stuff > New Profile.
3.  Now a new window will be open with a different user sign at top left. also it will ask you to sign in to your gmail, but it has no relation with this user profile set up, so you can close that.

4. Now as you have set up a new user, by clicking on user image, you can see how many profiles you have, can open any other you want, can add more users and can change their names and user image as well.

Note: As this is in beta version, so bugs and security flaws are expected. In chrome16 there is a very big security flaw, which vanishes the value of its new feature. Check about it here.

Also check How to create user profiles in old chrome which can be more secure than Chrome16.

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