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Trick to get any domain name: Valuable for both security and hacking purpose

Note: This post is for educational purpose. Its up to you only, how you use this information. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you. I hope, you will use this information for own security. 

After successfully creating a fake page, the very next question that normally readers ask to me is: " Is there any way to get the domain name look like Facebook/gmail etc.". Today's trick is all about getting a domain name, that look like any domain you want.

Carefully look at the domain name below, you can escape the detail below, if you just found the trick in the name ;)

So, did you get it? 
If 'no' then you should learn a bit about the domain names. Follow the post below....

Domain Name:
Domain names are organized in subordinate levels, organized from right to left. Each level is separated by a dot(.).  The individual words or characters between the dots are called labels.
  •  The label furthest right represents the top-level domain also known as first level domain label. Some examples of top level domains are: com, org, net, edu etc. 
  •  The second label from the right represents the second-level domain. In general, we call a website name with its second level domain name.  For example 'techbyte4u' in, 'facebook' in
  • Any labels to the left of the second-level domain are considered subdomains of the second-level domain (sometimes called third-level domains). For example: have 'news' as a subdomain of 'techbyte4u'. (Note: www is not a subdomain, its called 'Host name lable'). A domain holder has can have many subdomains, and there is no limit of the name, he/she is free to use any word as its subdomain.  

Illustration of Domain Names, with Labels and Hierarchy

Domain NameHost name lableSub domain labelSecond Level domain labelFirst Level domain label 

If you understood this table, then go to up again and check the URL, And try to find out the second level  and first level domain lable.

You will see, 'com-support' is the second level domain name here, which is originally the website name in the given url, and facebook is only a subdomain of this website. but the collection of these two create an illusion of

So the Trick here is:
If anyone buy any domain name starting with com for example:,, then by adding the subdomains he/she can get any domain similar of your choice.


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