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Recover accidentally deleted data from your Computer, digital camera, or flash drive

This is the most common issue, that you have deleted some important files from your system, that you didnt actually want to. 

Don't get nerves in such situation, coz It is easy to recover deleted files. You can undelete files with almost guaranteed success. The most important thing is to act as soon as you realize that the files are lost.

  • Because the operating system doesn't immediately re-use space from deleted files, a file can be recovered or unerased right after it has gone and for a considerable time afterwards. The sooner you try to recover your deleted files, the greater your chances of success. The longer you leave it the less chance you have of getting the data back because eventually some or all of the space that held your lost data will be re-used by another file.
  • The chances of recovery also depend on how full your computer's hard drive is. Windows tries to avoid re-using disk space that has recently been freed, to give recovery software a better chance of working. But the fuller a drive is, the sooner the free space is going to be used by other files.
  • If you have defragmented the hard drive since the file was deleted then this will severely harm the chances of a successful recovery. Current files will have been moved into the free space left by deleted files in order to reduce fragmentation, making it much less likely that undelete software will be able to find anything useful.

How to recover deleted data:-
you can find many softwares of web claiming to recover data. Here is a list of some of the Freewares:
  1. Recuva
  2. Restoration
  3. Undelete Plus
  4. FreeUndelete
  5. Photorec
  6. Undelete360
Files, you can restore:-
Lost files can occur because of many possibilities, using these softwares you can restore files which are:
  • accidentally deleted from your PC or other media
  • deleted by viruses
  • too large to fit in the recycle bin
  • deleted from a USB Memory Stick
  • deleted when you press "Shift+Delete" keys
  • deleted from the command line

How to use Data recovery software:-
Data recovery is very easy and almost same for any of the above listed software. First, the program will detect the deleted data that can be restored, and then in next step it will save the files you select to restore.

Here, I am telling the procedure for Undelete360 from the above list to give you an idea that how it works.

Undelete 360 is one of the best Freeware software to restore your files that were accidentally deleted from your computer. It is built on fast and efficient algorithm that browse, search and recover files lost due to a different factors like accidental deleting, viruses, software and computer failures. Its the easiest software to use.

Using Undelete 360, you can restore files from Hard drives, Digital cameras, Floppy drives, USB flash drives.

How to use Undelete 360 to restore files:-

1. Download and install desktop version of Undelete360, or you can use portable version also.
Download Undelete 360 (Desktop Version)
Download Undelete 360 (Portable Version)

2. Now open Undelete360, click on Search botton >> select the drive for which you want to recover deleted data >> click on start. Then you will see the process bar at top right, which shows the the number of files found and proportion of search remaining. 

3. After complete processing of finding deleted data, you will see files grouped by file type in the left hand column, you can check file name and location and can select the files you want to restore. 

4. Now to restore selected files click the Recover button at top, now it will restore deleted data back. : )

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