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Sql Injection For Beginners: Tutorial 1

Many times my readers have asked me to write about SQL Injection, but i always used to consider that its pretty easy way of hacking and may be everyone already know about it. 
But now after years I think that, no, i was wrong.Still even many of web developers dont know about sql injection, still I can see many poorly designed websites which are prone to sql injection, one can easily beark into such websites using a simple SQL statement.

So my this post is dedicated to those web developers who leave this hole in their projects, and also to those who want to learn hacking, this is the easiest thing that anyone can do without any, any experience.

What is SQL Injection:

SQL Injection is one of the many web attack mechanisms used by hackers to steal data from organizations.  It is the type of attack that takes advantage of improper coding of a website  by injecting/inserting SQL commands to gain access to the data held within your website. 
SQL Injection arises because the fields available for user input allow SQL statements to pass through and query the database directly. 

SQL Injection, In simple terms: 

On websites having a login form, a user need to input username/password to login. When the user press enter after filling the details, the webpage ask to the database if the username and password exists?, if they match? etc. And if the username and password found and matched then it let you enter into the site. 

But on the  SQL injection vulnerable Webpage, one can enter into even without knowing the username or password. The database passes the query and let the user enter even without knowing the correct username and password. 

This technique is mainly used to break into any website to steal the secret information. but once any one enters into the site, then he/she can  do many harmful things too. Think, if a hacker login into a website as ADMIN then he/she can get permission to do many very bad things with that website.

How to Use SQL Injection:

To Use SQL Injection is very easy. In a SQL injection vulnerable login form instead of true username and password, you can enter the following SQL statement. 

' or '1'='1


If you know the Username then fill this code in password field, to enter into the website by pretending to be anyone else.
Mostly websites have some common users with the username like 'Admin' or 'Administrator' for Administrator login. Other possible username includes 'Employee' , 'Student' etc. Enter into a website with different usernames can give different permission and can display different information too.

Not even this you can do many more things using SQL Injection thing, wait and watch for my next post about SQL injection for More details. 
Till then Enjoy and Be safe. 

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