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Automate Repetitive tasks using Mouse/Macro Recorders

Through out a day, almost all computer user do many repetitive tasks on computer and internet. If you are one of them, then Macro recorders can help you to reduce the stress of repetitive tasks from your hands and wrists by automating the repetitive tasks for you. 
Using Macro recorders you can record all your frequently used or repetitive sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements and later you can play your recording to automatically do the same tasks for you. Even you can create auto bots Macro also using such softwares.

Some possible repetitive tasks can be the following:
1. Taking backup of your files
2. Opening the browser,  login or opening all your favorite websites / web pages.
3. Follow/unfollow your followers in bulk on twitter
4. Like/Dislike FB pages in bulk

Though there are many Macro  records available on web, I have tested only a few and found JitBit Macro recorder best among them. It is easy to record and play keystrokes and mouse clicks using Jitbit. It also have many predefined commands too, to make your task easier.

How to Use Macro recorders (JitBit):
The procedure of recording sequence of operations is almost same for all Macro recorder, you can download and use any of your choice.But here I am the idea to record and play repetitive operations using JitBit.
1. Download 40 days Trial version of JitBit  and install it on your computer.

2. After installation, click on the RECORD button at top left and start performing the operations you want to record. 

3. Click on stop button when you finish your work. It will record everything you did from the start to the end of recording.

4. Once you stop, you can see the complete list of all tasks you performed with the mouse coordinates under the command section. You can delete any or can insert any other too.

5. Now whenever you want to automate the recorded repetitive tasks, press the play button. And it will do all work for you.

6. Shortcuts are very important to record/play/pause or stop any recording. Some shortcuts are:

  • ctrl+R to start a new recording
  • ctrl + P to play/pause a recording
  • ctrl+ Q to stop
7. In the left  pannel you can see many buttons, you can make use them too in your recording to perform some useful operations.

**You can schedule your recording time to automatic play/perform any operations even when you are away from your computer. 


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