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Youtube Feather: Lighter youtube beta version for slow Internet connections

Does your YouTube video buffer and pause multiple times while playing ? Frustrated watching those stuttering videos ? Even seconds of loading time feel like ages ? Then you have landed in the right place. This article is just for you.

If you have a slow internet connection then video buffering takes lots of time that you cant watch the video fluently. But Youtube has an alternative version known as 'Youtube Feather' which increases the loading time of any Youtube page and reduces the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser so that the videos can be load  with the lowest latency possible and can run smoothly.

To achieve faster speed Youtube, Youtube feather limited many not so useful features like  suggestions, posting comments and the couple of other things.

You can easily notice the difference between the regular YouTube videos and YouTube Feather. Not only in terms of faster streaming without buffering but also in terms of the amount of data downloaded by the browser. For instance, the browser downloaded only 52 Kilobytes of data for a video in 'YouTube Feather' while 391 Kilobytes in the standard YouTube page.

How to switch to YouTube Feather?
Switching to YouTube Feather is simple and takes just a few clicks.
1, Visit  YouTube Feather Beta page here .
2. Click on the link that says Join the “Feather” Beta and you are done.

How to switch back to standard YouTube ?
You can switch back any time to standard youtube by clicking the given link in lower right of the page.
It shows two options: 'Just This once' and 'Permanently' .

  • Just this once:  To watch that particular opened video in regular mode
  • Permanently:   To switch back to the regular mode Permanently.
or, you can go to YouTube Feather Beta page main page from here and click on the link that says Leave the Feather Beta.

Youtube feather is not only useful for slow internet connections but  I, with the fast internet, also like to use feather version because of its neatness. I feel, its a good choice for the ones who dont do comments on videos. What do you think about youtube feather, dont forget to leave your review below ;)



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  1. It is useful, I could do without the YouTube comments myself. I think I may use this even though I have a strong high speed connection, a strong PC and no data caps.

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