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Check if ur USB is a Fake or Real

Do you have a USB Drive or Memory card? 
If yes, then you must know the facts of your USB and also you should be able to answer  the following questions confidently....
Is your USB is Genuine or Fake?
Does your USB is really manufactured by the Brand name mentioned on it?
Is the actual capacity/memory of ur USB is same as it claims? 

If you are confused in answering any of the above questions then you should keep reading and must know about the facts of USB Drives.

These days marketing of fake things has become very common... 'aata, dal, chawal.. cosmetics. in sabme fake hona ye to bahut purani bat ho gai, ab to bhai computer and electronics ka jamana h, to fakes bhi usi me hi honge na '. 
well, to prevent these fraud acts is very difficult, but we can do one thing, by not supporting those fakers who takes good amount of our innocence and sell us a cheap fraud product.

First of all what’s FAKE USB?
  • Fake USB are USB's those looks like the real USB flash drive, but claims higher capacities than they actually have.When you plug them into a computer, they reports to the operating system wrong information about USB size then they have the same capacity they were sold as. For example – You buy USB flash drive 16Gb or 32GB or more, but real capacity is 8Gb or 4Gb or less.
Everything seems good with these USB's but when you try to copy more data then the actual size of USB then they always get an error of write fails or freezes up the drive, or it overwrites existing data. 
  • The another act of Fake/Pirated USB is the data reading and writing speed they have.In general A genuine USB flash drive will complete data transfer of a single 1GB file anywhere from 50 to 180 seconds writing to. Usually the writing time is twice as long as the reading time andfake will take an excessively long time (1 to 7 hours) only 'pretending' writing but the data was not actually being written. Hence when you try to read it back, it will claim data as being CORRUPT.
Usually the Data transfer rate is different of  USBs from different brands. you can check some USB's read/write speed here. 

How to check if your USB is real or Fake?

  1. Download software h2testw, and extract the folder.
  2. Before using the software, first do emply your USB drive, so that the correct information as be gained.
  3. Now run the h2testw.exe and select target drive(suppose your USB drive have G: drive then select it.)
  4. Now check the actual space of your USB in 'Data volume.
  5. and now for checking the read/write speed of your USB, press the Write+Verify Button.

Here is a sample list of picture collection of all notorious counterfeit USB drives with fake 1GB to 8GB capacities. Hope this helps everyone to identify and avoid buying them!


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  1. Never I knew we have fake USB's also..Thanks Surbhi for this information..

  2. gud job Surbhi

  3. N!C3 Info .....!!

    Thanx for share ...........!!

  4. A warm greeting of the day. Thank you mam for such a great information on USB

  5. A warm greeting of the day. Thank you mam for such a great information on USB. Today in market, everywhere fake goods are selling with brand name.

  6. the link to the software is not working . . . good article btw

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