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Trick to read blackout wiki page

How to read blackout wikipedia page?

Protesting against SOPA and PIPA bills, today Wikipedia has blackout the english version of  its website for 24 hours. So if you open any page on wikipedia english, then it will look something like this:

But still if you want to read any page then here are some tricks to do that. If you  want to disable blackout permanently for all pages, then you can directly go to second trick. 

How to read blackout wikipedia page?

1.By using cached copy of Wikipedia:
1. Open the page, you want to read. and add 'cache:' in front of the url. This will open the cached copy of wikipedia stored by google. :) :)  for example: if i have to open this page '' then after adding 'cache:' my url will look like: 'cache:'


You can directly open the cached page from google search too.... For that just press arrow from the front of search reasult, and then click on  'cached'.

2: By disabling javascript for wikipedia: (Permanent blackout disable)
You see, when you open a english wikipedia page, first  it opens and then the black page comes. It is because, they are using a javascript for blackout the english pages, so if you disable javascript for wikipedia into your browser then you can simply see the original page.
To do so:
1. openchrome://settings/contentExceptions#javascript into your browser
2. block javascript for

More Ways to bypass blackout:
1. Press the Esc key before the blackout loads.

Hope this will be helpful.


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