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How to create your own 'stare and blink illusion picture'

How to inverse colors on a Picture.

" Stare at the image then close your eyes, you will see Jesus." 
When first time I saw such kind of mail, it was not less than a magic for me. I was like, 'Wow, i can see Jesus'. Yeah like many others, someone made me fool, but dont laugh, at that time I was new to computer world. but now I know the fact.

This type of illusion has one another version, in which it ask you to stare at the image, then look at the wall and blink your eyes.

Probably, you have seen this type of illusion picture of some celebrities also. Like the following ones:

How to create Negative Picture of an Image:
It is very easy to create such type of pictures ^  . You can get such picture just by inverting the color which make it look like a negative of that image.  

1. Invert Color of Picture:

  • In Paint:-

Open your Image in paint >> select all >> right click on image and choose Invert colors.

  • In Photoshop:-

Image >> Adjustments >> Invert. Or press the shortcut Ctrl+I.

2. Then, you can place a dot some where in middle to increase the Focus. Its good to choose any bright color  for the dot.

And you are done!!


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  1. Oh, it's too easy,man. God snap! :S

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