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Enable Right Clicks On Sites that Disable It

Many of you have seen such type of sites in which right click Function of mouse don't works.... because it is Disabled by the administrator of that site to prevent stealing of photos, copy text, open in new window, view source etc. 

Here is an easy way by which you can enable right click function and do all these things 
This trick is used on Internet Explorer.....
1. Go to Tools>Internet Options> Security>Custom Level
2. Go to ‘Scripting’ section and disable 'Active Scripting' and Click "Ok".
3. Time for celebrations.........

Happy SurfingJ
By- Surbhi

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  1. oh! thanks, problem solved.
    similarly pls go to link
    I want to copy the detailed script of job "Indian Air Force"
    browsing chrome or opera but failed. Pls help. I usually work with chrome or opera as IE is too slow.

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