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Bypass Computer Restarting After software installation

Hey Friends, Isn't it so disgusting that after installation of a software, it say 'Restart Now'.....
It happens after installation of many software(not all) that they require restarting of computer to re-read the registry of windows or in easy language u can say 'for compeletely install the software' and if u dont restart by choosing Restart later.... then most of softwares not works for that time.....

Now there is a method by which u can save your time wasted for restarting computer and use the installed software without restarting........

Do it After Installation of software:-

1. Open task manager by pressing ctrl + alt +del
2. Go to Process..........and search for EXPLORER.EXE
3.Right click on EXPLORER.EXE and Click on End process.
4.Now Go to File< New task....... and write EXPLORER.EXE and press OK....... and wait........
5. after this all use that installed software..... ;)

Tested on: Windows XP

Happy Computing☺
by- Surbhi

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