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How to Activate AutoReply to incoming Mails

Hi friends,

Many of you could be aware about this feature of Gmail. Mine this article is for those who dont know how to activate Autoreply feature for an incoming mail.

This Feature of Gmail is called Vacation Responder
This feature can be used as for informatic purpose, like you are on vacation or due to any reason you can't access the mails.....then you can inform others who send you msg... that you r on vacation and will respond you after......bla bla date....
This feature can be used as Confirmation to the sender...that u have received Mail....

Procedure To activate Autoreply:
1. Open your Gmail account..... and go to settings
2. Here in General Tab, You will find Vacation Responder..
3. Select Vacation responder On  and Write Subject and msg.....
4.Click on Save Changes

Now If yo get any mail then the sender will get automatically reply from u.....
By- Surbhi

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