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How to create Animations.. Tut 1: using MS Paint

Ciao Friends,

Today i will tell you how to create Animation.

This is first tutorial, So to make it simple, I m gonna tell you Animation creation just by using MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker... :)

Ok Watch this Video First:

So how was the video???
You can also create these type of Animation easily....
I m gonna tell you some tips for that.

1. First of all, make a small story in your mind, that what you want to create....

2. Use your creative mind, and start creation of first clip of Paint.

3. Ok when you finished first clip, save it with bmp extension....
Why Bmp??? Coz In the next step you will gonna change in the first clip to make 2nd clip.... and bmp saves ur 1st clip without any lose.

4.After saving first clip, make changes in first clip according to your story.
Why change in First clip??? coz by that you can easily decide the posture and position of your story's animation.

5. For changing in first clip, what i do, is convert change color of last clip's anim into some other light color, so that i can know the posture of last clip easily also by doing this my this new slide will not affect.

6. Ok, by using the same method i told u above, create many clips.... according to your story.

7. In last When you finish the clips, Open windows movie maker... and import your clips there, arrange them according to your story.... import any song if u want....and save the movie file....

8. Oh yes, you created animation. now watch the movie you created, and show to your frnds and impress them 

Wave2.gif (487 bytes)

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  1. gr8 work sur, u r vry creative dear

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