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How to make Applications "USB portable"

Hi Friends,
In this tutorial i m going to explain you "How to create Portable versions of any Software with VMware thinApp ".

Here are the steps:

1. First of all you need to install VMware thinApp...
Download it

2. Now Before go to next step,  if the software to which you want to make portable, is installed on your computer, then you need to uninstall it.

3. Now start Vmware thin App for creating Portable Application. For that   go to start>  All Programs> VMware> ThinApp Setup Capture

4. Now many Frames will open one by one, just press next in all, instead of some that i will explain in next steps. here is screen shot of first Frame.

5. Now  A frame will open(as shown in screenshot),

5.1 first click on 'Advanced Scan location' and make sure that the drive is select where you install your softwares and press OK.

5.2 Now Click on 'Prescan'. After pressing Prescan, Scanning  will start, So wait till scanning finish, be patient.

6. After finished Scanning, Simply Install the software  to which you want to make portable on your system(same as you normally do).

7. After Installation of software, click on 'Postscan'. Now again Scanning  will start.

8. After Completion of post scanning, Select the exe of the Application which u  installed in step 6. and Press 'Next'.

9. Now select 'USB flash Portable media' and Press 'Next'.

10. In last step click 'Build'.

11. As sson as the previous step is finished, your application is now become portable, you can check that porable application by going to C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures.
Here you will find a folder of that software which u hv created. Now open that folder. Search for a folder named 'Bin', open it. here you will found the exe of your Portable software.... Copy it and paste it into your USB... and use it anywhere :) !!!!

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