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How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

Now a days Its very common to hear about various incidents of hacking Orkut and mostly had their orkut Account through Gmail. And it becomes the worst nightmare for those who were using other google services also from the same hacked gmail account like Blogger, Picassa, Adsense, Youtube etc. etc. 

Many people on Orkut asked me " my account is hacked...what to do now? how i can get back my Account?" etc. etc.
In this post i will tell you about some steps that you should do to get back your hacked Account.
From Google you get 2 chance to get back your account:

1. Try Password Resetting:
 If your Account get hacked then its the very first step you should do. For that go to gmail password resetting page here and choose the appropriate options according to you.
  • If you have provided any other mail account's address in your hacked mail account's. then it will send a password resetting page to that email id.
  • Or you can fill the answer of security questions to getback ur account immediately(if you didnt provide information of any secondary mail account) or after 24 hours of sending Password recovery page on your secondary mail account.  
2. If First step Fails:
Sometimes the hackers change the security questions and the secondary mail account also so that you cant get back your account. But in this case you can contact to gmail Support team by filling a form here
  • In this Form you will be asked for some information and dates. If you dont know the exact date then try to fill the closest possible Date.  Coz it will be your last change. The more accurate the information filled out in the recovery form, the more the chances of getting your account back.
If You didnt get any email from gmail support after the 2nd step, then just Forget your that account and create a new account ;) and in future be secure!!!!! Good Luck!!!

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