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Alert : Big Mistake of Google chat over Orkut and Chrome.

From Some days i am noticing a great flaw of Google chat, searched about that on web, but didn't find anything. So i thought that i should write about that here, so all can know about it, and can take step for their own account's safety.

What is Wrong with Google Chat:
Well, I have many gmail accounts and have orkut accounts also connected to those accounts.. I use all of them for mailing, for chatting and ofcourse for orkuting... So I found that if i sign out from one account and sign into another account then sometimes the chat window shows there is not from the current logged in account, but shows the one that i have already signed out.

Other Things i found:
> This problem only occur when you use browser 'google chrome', but not on others.
> This flaw only appears while you use chat window in orkut, not in gmail.

Basically this can create a big problem for those who login from  public systems, where many other people also have access.
I hope google will soon find out the reason behind this flaw and will correct it. Till then all i can say you just..... Beware from it.

Bbye, tc.


Written by:Surbhi

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