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How to Treat ISO Files:Free Virtual CD/Dvd drive Tools to Mount ISO Images

The ISO file (.iso) is just an 'archive file' of an 'optical disk'. It is a true digital copy of the original. It can be said to be an exact clone of a file system because it’s a byte for byte copy of a disk with all of its data and metadata.

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Sometimes when we download any software, any game or any OS, we got its iso file, that is needed to burn on  a blank CD/ DVD. But what if you dont have a Blank disk ready to use? Here i am going to tell the ways to treat with such iso files in this situation.

There are many ways to treat an ISO file:
1. Burn it on CD/DVD as mentioned Above.
2. It can be opened for use using any file archiver for ex. Winrar.
3. It can be mounted on a 'Virtual Drive' and treats as a physical disc were loaded.

Some operating systems such as Ubuntu and Mac OS X have built in capability to mount an ISO; But for other OS, one need  to install any software that can be used to mount an iso file virtually.

Well, there are many free softwares available that can be used to achieve the same goal. Here  they are>

1. MagicISO:
Download Now

2.  Virtual Clone Drive:
Download Now

3. Daemon Tool:
Download Now

How to Use  Virtual CD/Dvd drive Tools

The installation and use of these tools are very easy. Here i am just telling the procedure to use MagicISO.
Follow Same procedure for all others also.

1. Download and install  MagicISO software.
2. Now  when you need to mount any ISO file, just go to start > All Programs and open MagicISO.
3. Now you will see a MagicISO tray icon like this  , just right click on it. then you will get a menu as shown in image below.

4. then go to Virtual CD/DVD ROM > No Media> Mount and then browser and open the ISO file you want to mount.

5. Now your Software/OS is mounted and ready to use, go to my Computer, Under 'Removable storage devices' you can found it mounted as a physical disk.

6. After finishing your work with the mounted file, you need to unmount it. For that 

  • either right click on virtual drive in my computer and click on 'eject' or
  • just right click on Magic/ISO tray Icon > Virtual CD/DVD ROM > select the one that you want to unmount > Unmount 


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