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Quick Tip: How to remove anyone's post from your stream in G+

In happens many times, when someone shares a horrible/ abusing post with you, you just don't want to see them or you want to  remove them so that it dont appears under your stream's posts. But when you look at the options of posts, there you dont find any option for removing like Facebook.

But there is a another option by that you can do this, that is 'Mute this post'. 
'Mute this post' option not only remove post from ur steam but also if you check message in mail, then also it will notify you,that you have muted  this post.

There is one more reason to mute a post... if you dont want the following comments updates too, then also you can mute that post....

How to 'mute a post':
 you can find this option in right hand corner of each post when you just click the small drop-down arrow there.

How to 'Unmute a post':
Go to that person's profile, whose post you have muted, find that post under Posts, and click on unmute there.

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Written by:Surbhi

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