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Software to identify if a photo has been altered/ photoshopped

Some months before a L'Oreal beauty product ad featured Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington was banned in UK, because of highly photo-shopped. And many times you have seen some pictures claiming something paranormal or a picture of ghost, which has proved just a hoax later. 

But did you ever thought how the computer forensics dept. or any other federal agencies analyze if a photo is original or has been altered using any image editing software.

There is a software named 'JPEGSnoop' that uses one of the all techniques implemented in computer forensics  that compares the JPEG quantification table to determine if any change has been made in a  photo using any image editing software. 

Different cameras use different quantization tables. Adobe Photoshop and other image editing software also have their own distinct quantization tables. When a photo is opened up in an editing program, photoshop for instance, it re-codes the original quantization table into its own. This enables you to work with the image and alter it. However, when the image is saved, it is saved with the quantization table of the image editing program. As a result, software can tell if a photo has been run through Photoshop or came from a source other than claimed.

This technique has some limitation that it does not tell anything about the changes made in detail, but it only tells if the photo is directly coming from a camera or has been passed through any image editing software. If a photo is only cropped or bordered then  also it will consider the photo as an edited photo.

Anyways, here is the process to use the software:

1. Download  JPEGsnoop , extract the zip file, here you will see an executable file named JPEGsnoop.exe, it is a portable software, so it does not have to be installed. So to start the software you need to click on JPEGsnoop.exe

2. When you use this software first time, you will see a licence agreement window, check “I have read the terms” box and click OK. 

3. Now a window like following will appear. Drag the image to this window and wait for the report to generate. 

4. When the report is generated, scroll down to the last paragraph of this report and look for the word "assessment".  Here if it says “Image is processed/edited”, then the image is surly been passed through the image editing software. 


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  1. surbhi can any1 software undo ,crop or effect used on particular pic. is any soft avilable on net. whtr yes plz tell th name i want it.

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