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Let Your PC read Text for U.........

Hi friends, in my one older post i have told you about how to make pdf files speak for you....... and many of you liked that post..... thx..... friends for your lovely comments....

Now i will tell you a way by using which there will be no need to read out any text file on computer or  text on any website......

There is a  Software "ClipSpeak" which  is a portable, lightweight text-to-speech tool with a minimal user interface that speaks text copied to the clipboard.


  • Speak text copied (or cut) to the clipboard.
  • Customise voice parameters.
  • Save to MP3 function lets you put your texts on your MP3 player (using LAME MP3 encoder).
  • Fully portable.
  • Small size (under a megabyte).

How To use it......
1. Quick install ClipSpeak
2. Go to any website or open up any text file........ and copy text which you want to read out by ClipSpeak
3. Now wait(first time it can take some time) will speak out itself......

Tested on: Windows XP

Happy Reading ☺
by- Surbhi

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  1. Wow, your blog is cool and interesting! Promise to always read a little! Kisses

  2. What a great software!! Tks for providing it.

  3. Very interesting blog... Good work... And thanks for the knowledge

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