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Make shortcuts for Websites in Firefox

Hi friends,

Many websites has become our daily part of life..... like some social networking sites, blogs etc. which we used to open multiple time in a day. Then how will this if u write just a single letter and a site open..... For ex. i assign 'O' for orkut, 'DA' for my blog D-Accord........ just type o in address bar and press enter..... Orkut will open..........

 How to make shortcut:-

1. Open any site for which u want to assaign a shortcut in firefox
2. press ctrl+d to bookmark that page.
3. now press ctrl +b..... now bookmarks will be open..... Go in bookmark menu....
4. Right click on that website's bookmark..... Go to properties.... and give a shortcut letter in keywod......

Watch video

Tested on: Windows XP

Enjoy Surfing☺
by- Surbhi

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