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Make pdf files Speak

 You have no more need to read the long Pdf files line by line. Now  feel free, coz your pdf will read out itself for you.

 Many people are not aware about this feature of Adobe Reader. The all 6+ versions of Adobe reader has the "Read Out Loud" feature which does excatly the same wat it says.Select this feature on the menu and the document will be read in a computer generated voice. 

How to make it Work:

1. Open a pdf file using adobe reader...... ofcourse in version 6 or higher.
2. Go to view>Read out Loud> Activate Read out loud
3.Then choose any from read this page only or read to end of document.

Some Shortcuts are:-
1. Ctrl + Shift +V to Read this page only.
2.Ctrl + Shift+ B to read to end of document.
3.Ctrl + Shift+C to Pause.
4. Ctrl + Shift+E to Stop reading.

Tested on: Windows XP

Enjoy Computing☺
by- Surbhi

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  1. great tricks.......good research done if they are not taken down from somewhere!!!!!

  2. Nice post! PDF has always been my favorite, and you just made it a lot more interesting!

    Good work here, keep blogging :-)

  3. nice trick, thanx for tell me.........

  4. its really superb..thanks))))))::

  5. i have tried it but it's not working i have adobe reader 9

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