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Genuine Key for Windows 7 Professional

Hello friends,
Today i am gonna provide you genuine keys for windows 7. People who dont know how to how to make your window genuine by replacing your Pirated Windows  key with genuine key, check my blog post of making window Xp genuine for free.

Here are the genuine keys of windows 7 Professional.











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13 comments for this post

  1. When I open the site of rajasthan Patrika "" site, then open many ads. itself. I want that it should not open without my wiilling. pls help

  2. install ad blocker and pop up blocker Add ons in ur browser....

  3. I cant find WPAEvents in my current version.I am using windows 7.plz help........

  4. hi
    I have genuine keys of window 7 professional bt do not have window 7 professional software cd. I also couldnt get non-activated window 7 professional cd on market. where can I download this so that i could use my genuine key
    thank u in advance

  5. @Drkhags...
    Please try to search on torrent. still if u dont find one, ask me here for the link.

  6. I'm going to download the Windows 7 Professional operating system from Microsoft's website instead of ordering the disk. I'm curious though as to how large the file is going to be. I'm sure more than a few gigabytes, but does anyone know how large specifically?

  7. hey there are many editions of win7 .but i m using win7ultimate not supporting to my edition i need a key. these keys are Guranteed
    it will work on other edition. i hve chekd all de avobe.
    by sumit

  8. hi surbhi my product key has been xpired ..can u provide any product key so that i can activate my system.... the given product shoes blocked.

  9. @Jay,have you tried keys given above?
    Try this one also..

  10. you have told about below step in the process of making windows full version
    2) Registry window will be opened, Then Go to

    BUT there is no WPAEvents in registry in my windows 7 professional. So please publish any other method for this case .
    thanks for your efforts

  11. 1. of course the keys arent gonna work ne more....this post is olddddddddd and chances r they have been blacklisted for quite some time now. U might get lucky since i havent tested ne of them but i wouldnt count on it.

    2. if u have a diff version of win 7 just download the install disk from MS directly....its a much faster download and guaranteed safe where as warez sites tend to have at least one virus in them somewhere but the choice is urs.

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