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Access All Websites Through Mobile Using Google Wireless Transcoder

Hello Friends,

Here is a good news for all, those use internet through mobile. Coz you can now access any website through your mobile which are not optimized to access through mobile.

Google has created a a new service called GWT (Google Wireless Transcoder), which is not yet officially announced and still in "beta" stage, But we can use this service easily coz it is in working condition.

Main Features of this service>
1. Transcode all pages to mobile friendly
2. Breaks long pages into multiple sub-pages

3. Transcode all the following link of  any transcoded website
4. Provide option to hide all the images of any webpage
5. Show only the original content(Hide ads, useless links)

Click the link below to see how my blog will show you in mobile.

How to Use this Service in mobile>
1. Go to following link in your mobile browser.

      It will show a page like this>

2. Type Url of any website where indicated in picture and Press "Go". Check the Hide images check box to hide all images of any website.

Enjoy Browsing☺

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  1. yes thats true...
    nice to meet you my friend, salom from bandung blogger Indonesian ^_^'
    usefully article...

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