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Remote Access, Remote Presentations with TeamViewer

Hey Friends,

Today's Topic will tell you How to access and control a PC remotely.....

It happens many times with me that i miss my home PC in India.. when i need some Files, Softwares, etc....from my home PC.... 
So wat i do to get all those... Except telling my pa 4 sending all those files, I just remote login and transfer all files from there to my lappi that i want.... 
Yesterday i was doing the same... So i got an idea to write here... so that all of u can know about it.

Well, In my case for remotely login i use a software named TeamViewer. You will get many other options also but i will suggest you TeamViewer bcoz of its Gud Features that are:

  • remotely login, Access and control a PC.
  • remote presentation/ meetings.
  • conference call, chat.
  • File Transfer Facility.( Even Larger files with no limitations :))
  • Highest security standard
  • Reliable with slow internet connection also( 2 years before i have used it with only 10 kbps speed )  
  • Most Important... there is no requirement to install Teamviewer on ur pc, it has Run feature by which you can use this sw without Installation.
  • Last but Most convincing is it comes for FREE!!!!!
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux and iPhone.
  • Support Multiple Monitor
  • Record Remote Session with Event Log

USE of this Software is Extremely Easy....

Here are some steps how you can use TeamViewer....

1. Download TeamViewer and Install or just Run it on both PC's... From and on which u want to remote login

Download NOW
2. Now You and ur partener will get a screen like this:

 Ask id and password of ur partner... and fill his id here.... then it will ask 4 pswd then put his password.... As soon as ur partner will allow to connect... u will get remotely login to his PC.

Now You can easily do anything you want on remote PC. also you can use other features like file transfer, call conference, chat etc...

Enjoy :)

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