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Add Animated and html signatures in Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail/ AOL

Hello Friends,

Gmail and Yahoo don't have facility to add Animated signature and even in gmail you can't add html signatures also.

In this Post i will tell you how to add Animated and html signatures in Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail/ AOL. so that you can add both Professional or some charming Signatures inside your mail.

Here i will tell you 2 ways:

1. By using Firefox addon Wise Stamp


  • Auto insert signature while you compose new mail or reply any mail.
  • Add IM & Social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn...) 
  • Support Animated and html signatures both
  • Multiple email signatures (Business and Personal)
  • Support Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail or AOL
  • Easy to use

2. By using Google lab Canned Responces(For Gmail only)

  • Support Animated and html signatures both
  • Support Gmail only
  • No need to install any addon

1. By using Firefox addon Wise Stamp:

Okay, follow these steps for it......

1. Download and Install Firefox addon Wise Stamp and restart your firefox.

2. locate the WiseStamp Icon statusbar_icon on the bottom of your browser.

3. Click on the icon and choose “
Edit Signature

4. Design and customize your signature ( To insert animated or hand written signatures first make signature using sites like, then upload these images to and then add as image in signature.)

5. (Optional) : Add your IM, social services and a Feed new to each signature.

6. Save and close the signature editor window.

7. Now whenever you will compose an email.... this signature will automatically insert into mail.

2. By using Google lab Canned Responses(For Gmail only):

Steps for this are:

1.Open your gmail Account and go to Settings> Labs> and enable 'Canned responces' and 'inserting images' and save changes.

2. Now go to compose mail and Design  your signature signature same like you compose any other mail(insert pictures, animations)

3. After completing composing and designing and save to canned responses as shown in picture.

4. Now whenever you compose any mail, just choose signature from your saved canned responses and insert it.

Enjoy :)

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7 comments for this post

  1. thanks surbhi..i was looking for something like this in gmail very badly...thanks again..

  2. hey.... thx 4 visiting my site and respond here...... :)

  3. Thank you surbhi. I just posted it
    Here about gmail added new feature to add signature
    but this post helped me with additional information

  4. thanx surbhi..... it,s good....

  5. Thanks Vivek and Tanmoy for ur response and appreciation :)

  6. Greeting of the day Mamdam,

    Mam Kindly Expalain how to make a animated signature in yahoo mails. In my yahoo mail there is no wise stamp icon, plz explain step by step,

    waiting for your reply

    Praveen Sharma

  7. @Praveen, you dont have need of wise stamp in yahoo mail....
    just go to Options > More Options > signature > choose 'Show a signature on all outgoing messages' > press 'rich text' > and paste your animated signature der > then save it.

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