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Trick to hide files behind Images


Hey friends,

By using this trick you can hide your important data folders behind Images and picture.... and no one can predict of being hidden a folder there.... coz while they open that image... only image will be shown not the hided folder....

So lets start the tut:
Note:- In this tut i will take as example a folder named "blog" having important data to hide behind image named "sush.jpg".....and the location of this folder is "d:\techbyte4u\"

1. First of all collect all the files into one folder that you want to hide....

2. then compress the folder and convert it into .rar extension by right click> winrar> add to "blog.rar"

3. now copy a picture behind which you want to hide folder blog.rar, in the same folder in which blog.rar exist.

4. Now go to run > type cmd> then go to the location where is actually blog.rar exist.

5. Now type this line without quotes..... "copy /b sush.jpg + blog.rar sush.jpg"..... and press enter...

6. then you will get a message..... file copied.... ohhh yeah i have hided successfully your folder behind the image..... check the size of image to confirm....

Now How to see hidden folder behind an image:

For this just change the extension of  image with .rar or right click on image> open with> winrar.......

Watch Video:

Tested on: Windows XP

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5 comments for this post

  1. Better to use a freeware HideBehindImage ( Freeware ) than doing all this procedure............. It can be downloaded from or

  2. looks like it doesnt work in windows vista !!!

  3. @Above may be u r right, i hv not tested it on Vista.
    well u can try software mentioned in above comment.

  4. nice trick..........surbi

  5. If it didnt worked on Vista maybe it wont on Win7...
    Hahaha i am darn lazy to try this :P
    I aint trying better i will utilize my downloading the software that surely works :D

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